The best themes in Yu-Gi-Oh! manage to make the most of their greatest cards, creating cohesive game plans where every card works together. When a deck's firing on all cylinders and everything lines up just right the end strategy can be greater than the sum of its parts.

But sadly that's not always the case. Sometimes a theme's best cards don't actually work toward the central goals of the strategy, and when that happens there are often two results: the core archetype's usually handicapped, because it just doesn't have enough cards for a robust strategy; and sometimes, just sometimes, star cards from the theme go on to make an impact elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is, some of the most successful cards in the game came from themes that just couldn't play them! They popped up in other decks instead and went on to make and break Championships. How does that happen? When has it happened in the past? Doug discusses some of the most iconic examples in today's featured video.

What are some of your favorite cards that exploded out of their own theme? Want to see more of Doug's picks? Check out his followup for more awesome off-theme action!