Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night, wherever you happen to be. I'm Jon Corpora, and today we're counting down ten of the most important reprints in Iconic Masters. These are the reprints that'll bring costs way down, making more and more Modern cards affordable to the masses. Get hype!

Glimpse the Unthinkable

First card up is Glimpse the Unthinkable. This card had a downright baffling pricetag for years; it saw no competitive play, yet it enjoyed its entire lifespan at a costly markup. Now that it's a rare in Iconic Masters, everyone can get milled out.

Auriok Champion

Another inexplicably expensive card was Auriok Champion. Its power level never lived up to its price tag, but its escalated price was a result of the small amount of Fifth Dawn in circulation. Now that it's a rare in Iconic Masters, more players can experience the joy of locking black and red decks out of the game for only two mana.

Ancestral Vision

Ancestral Vision's been reprinted a handful of times now, but the Iconic Masters version stands out for one reason: the art is incredible. This is going to be the version of Ancestral Vision everyone will want.

Mishra's Bauble

By my estimate, only two booster packs of Coldsnap were opened when it was Standard legal. That's the only way to explain the exorbitant price tag on Mishra's Bauble. Luckily, it shows up in Iconic Masters as an uncommon, allowing more players to experience the wonky slow-cantrips of yesteryear.

Horizon Canopy

Bogles would be a budget Modern deck if it weren't for Horizon Canopy. Now that it's a rare in Iconic Masters, expect the gas to keep flowing in your hexproof deck.

Oblivion Stone

When they were in Standard together, Oblivion Stone and the Urza-lands went together like peanut butter and jelly. Since then, Oblivion Stone has skyrocketed in price thanks to it preposterous power level and the few reprints it's gotten. Now that it's in Iconic Masters, all the 'tron decks just got a whole lot cheaper.

Aether Vial

Uncommon artifacts from the earliest Modern sets can get weirdly expensive, and Aether Vial was not immune to the whims of the Magic market. Now that it's back in Iconic Masters, however, it will enjoy a deflated price point. Now everyone can cheat creatures into play!

Grove of the Burnwillows

Punishing Fire is still banned in Modern, but that didn't stop Grove of the Burnwillows' price tag from steadily climbing since Modern's inception. The Iconic Masters reprint should help with that.


Flusterstorm showed up in an old Commander pre-con, and then as a judge foil. More Flusterstorms in circulation should help more players ward off storm decks in legacy and Vintage.

Mana Drain

What is there to say about Mana Drain that hasn't already been said? The card's in-game effect is huge; everyone should get to cast this card before they die. Thanks to Iconic Masters, that's now possible.

That's it for the ten most impactful Iconic Masters reprints. If you enjoyed this video, that's great! We make stuff like this every week, so subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep checking back. Until next time, I'm Jon Corpora, signing off.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora