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One of the coolest things about Yu-Gi-Oh! is that there's no set rotation: a common practice in other games like Magic, Pokemon and Hearth Stone, set rotation changes the standard card pool in a game by removing older cards by the hundreds, usually every year or two. Sure, the F&L List might whack a few cards and metagames change in response, but the fact that you can still walk into a tournament and play almost any of the 9000+ cards that exist makes Yu-Gi-Oh! really different.

Not all of those older cards are good, but some of them are still fantastic and see tons of play. That's what Doug's video is about today, looking at ten of the best old-school cards that are still awesome in modern tournaments.

Some of the game's best, most competitive classics are also some of the most reprinted cards in Yu-Gi-Oh's history, so budget copies won't break the bank while some of them are available in awesome high-rarity versions if you've just gotta flex.