There've been a ton - and I mean a ton - of good reprint sets in the past year. Legendary Duelists: Seasons 1 and 2, Maximum Gold, the 2020 Tin of Lost Memories, Duel Overload… that's just to name a few of the recent reprint releases, all of which made a big impact for different types of players.

But not everyone can get their hands on every product, and sometimes those hard-to-get cards are still out of the price range of some duelists. I thought Urgent Schedule wouldn't be more than pennies with its Season 2 reprint, but weeks later it's still the odd card out when you're trying to put together a Train deck on the cheap. Check out Jason's market watch from a few weeks ago to see what I mean.

I guess it doesn't help when I post a deck list for Trains hyping up how awesome they are.


Maybe I should stop doing that. Or, even better, Konami can just send me three of every card once they print them so I don't have to worry about anything.

Moving on from that pipedream, let's go ahead and get into the Top 10 cards that desperately need a reprint.

#10 Infinite Impermanence

I swear, I'm going to have an ulcer over this.

Infinite Impermanence may not be the best hand trap right now, while graveyard effects are such a hot commodity, but… actually, you know what? Screw it. I'm not going to defend this card's price in any capacity. I'm gonna scream into the darkness of my own despair for a moment instead.

It's not quite to the level of Pot of Extravagance, but it frustrates the heck out of me when a card that proves to be invaluable time and time again for years isn't readily available to the masses. I know that $20 dollars isn't the end of the world, but Infinite Impermanence is going for at least that much on the secondary market, for the cheapest printing from Maximum Gold. There are plenty of competitive cards that are better than Infinite Impermanence right now, and yet they're way more affordable!

Heck, I can think of whole competitive decks that are roughly the same price as a playset of Infinite Impermanence. My most recent Blackwing deck post Phantom Rage clocks in at around 80, bucks but you can literally go pick a random rogue deck and chances are most, if not all of it is cheaper than three Infinite Impermanence.

You might be asking yourself why cards like Evenly Matched or Invocation aren't here on this list. Both are different sides of the same coin: they're overly expensive cards that unlock some potential to keep pace with tournament competition. I think those cards differ from Infinite Impermanence because they're too niche, while the appeal of Infinite Impermanence is almost universal.

Okay, rant over. For now. (#ImpermaneneceForAll)

#9 Vision HERO Faris and Vision HERO Increase

I wanted to give this spot to all the pricy cards in Battle of Legend: Hero's Revenge, but there are two cards in the set that really stand out above the rest: Vision HERO Faris and Vision HERO Increase.

Are Heroes winning some secret tournament series I don't know about? No? Exactly, so why are these cards so expensive? With so many good Level 4 Heroes in existence - Elemental HERO Liquid Soldier, Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, and Elemental HERO Stratos just to name a few - piling on more Hero monsters should have eventually reached a tipping point that led the deck to competitive dominance, right? Right?!?!

Or maybe I'm just crazy. Heroes are one of those themes that have a weirdly cult-like following (actually just a straight up cult following, let's not mince words). The result? Certain cards will be overly inflated for like, forever, basically. Not an exaggeration.

Evil HERO Malicious Bane is one of the many other Hero and Hero-adjacent cards that need reprints, but Vision HERO Faris and Vision HERO Increase are the most relevant ones for anybody wanting to play what is in my opinion the "best" Hero deck. It's been a while since Heroes, and subsequently Vision Heroes did anything to impact tournament play, but reprints of those cards are sorely wanted by the community.

I'm just going to go be depressed somewhere while I think about the prices of these cards. Anyone wanna come with?

#8 World Legacy Guardragon

This might come as a shock since the card hasn't seen overwhelming competitive play, at least relatively speaking. But bear with me. When Ib the World Chalice Justiciar wasn't Forbidden, World Legacy Guardragon was played frequently, but now it's more or less an afterthought.

I included World Legacy Guardragon in my my Blue-Eyes deck because making Crystron Halqifibrax, Guardragon Elpy, and Guardragon Pisty make the deck run swimmingly. They make everything SO much more consistent, and World Legacy Guardragon comes in clutch to field a low level Dragon Tuner; the glue that holds your combos together.

I'm not even sure how good this card is on the larger scale. Outside of very specific and somewhat outdated decks, World Legacy Guardragon sees literally no play. You have to go out of your way to see this thing in action, and while it's good to shift around Guardragon Elpy and Guardragon Pisty, it feels weird that it's still $10 on secondary.

Sometimes initial reprints do little to a card's price. I swear, Invocation's price has somehow gone up even after its fourth printing. I've given up on Invocation ever being cheap, but it's not too late for World Legacy Guardragon.

I'll try not to complain about Invocation's price at every turn, but it's hard not to.

#7 Lightning Storm, Forbidden Droplet, and Triple Tactics Talent

I totally get it. Sometimes the good cards are going to be the expensive ones. That's how things work, ya know? There isn't any sorcery or clandestine deals going on here; these three cards are extremely expensive because they're extremely good, and extremely tough to pull.

Even the least played of the three, Triple Tactics Talent, is still basically a Pot of Greed. Which is uhh… pretty good. You won't have to run all of these cards in one deck, but going second almost sounds like a treat in some ways.

"Heck yeah, I'll draw extra cards and blow up your board for free." If you can simplify your opponent's board after they go first and set up a bevy of counters… it's usually smooth sailing for you down the line.

I wouldn't say that you desperately need any of these cards in a make-or-break sense (except perhaps Forbidden Droplet, in some decks). But it can certainly feel that way sometimes. Some cards are literally out of people's budgets by miles unless they score miraculous pulls, and budget players are largely locked out of the proverbial kingdom here.

Do all of these cards need a reprint yesterday? No. I think the one we need the most is Forbidden Droplet, but giving a strong counter spell to the masses would certainly make the game feel more democratic.

#6 Secret Six Samurai - Kizaru

"Loukas, your bias is showing."

Yeah, so what? I don't care. I used to hate Six Samurais, but that was before "the loop" was much of a thing for building first turn combos. it's probably some of the wackier stuff I've done , but it was entertaining nonetheless. Bushido Counters and Link Monsters are fun! But to really reach your crazy potential with Six Samurais, you need Secret Six Samurai - Kizaru.

I get why these cards, which were printed in Spirit Warriors, are a touch on the expensive side, but things don't always see success when they're first printed; it's easy for cards to slip under the radar. Secret Six Samurai - Hatsume is in that position as well, but Secret Six Samurai - Kizaru the bigger offender because you'll want to run multiple copies.

It's weird - some of this stuff was reprinted in Duel Overload, but not Secret Six Samurai - Kizaru. I get that Secret Six Samurai - Fuma just as big of a necessity as Secret Six Samurai - Kizaru is for various Six Samurai plays, so why did one get the reprint treatment and not the other?

Oh well - maybe in 2021 things will change.

#5 Prank-Kids Place

I suppose all the Prank-Kids stuff could use a reprint, but I'm specifically targeting Prank-Kids Place because it's so vital for the deck's basic functions, and it's insanely expensive.

You can blame Hanko for this one, winning his Invitational Qualifier. I'm glad to have the blame off my back for once. Prank-Kids Dodo-Doodle-Doo also quite the expensive card right now, but Prank-Kids Place is the starting point for your Prank-Kids combos, since it's a free Prank-Kids monster.

Ok, technically Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu closer to a starting point, but really, "any Prank-Kids'' monster gets the ball rolling. I go back to Prank-Kids Place because the changes in ATK it provides interferes with some of your opponent's counters, so if you can resolve Prank-Kids Place unhindered, it's probably your best way to begin.

But all that being said, don't let a lack of Prank-Kids Place stop you from trying the deck. I'd argue that two copies and maybe even one would be enough to make Prank-Kids work. I mentioned Prank-Kids Dodo-Doodle-Doo, and since it can search Prank-Kids Place … maybe playing fewer than three isn't a death sentence.

Or, ya know, a reprint would solve everything.

#4 Adamancipator Researcher

Not that I thought Adamancipators were going to completely die or anything, but Block Dragon new home on the Forbidden and Limited List was supposed to cripple Adamancipators, and more broadly, Rock decks in general.

I suppose you could make the argument that Adamancipators went from the deck to beat to a rogue strategy, but that paints an incomplete picture. Of all the decks on the January competitive wrap up, I completely forgot about Prank-Kids Adamancipators. Zach outlined some of the metagame highlights of the month, and he's right that Adamancipators are still worth respecting.

Will a reprint happen any time soon? I'm not so sure. Some cards have been around for years with no reprints to speak of, and Adamancipators aren't at the top of most players' wishlists.

It's a weird position for cards like that, especially since Adamancipators aren't as good as they once were. The lack of a reprint means fewer players have a chance to try the deck, creating a vicious cycle that could lead to low demand and thus… no reprints.

All I'm saying is that if we already have a reprint of Eldlich the Golden Lord, why can't another deck from Secret Slayers get a similar reprint? Both Eldlich and Adamancipators, and by extension Adamancipator Researcher, have basically been in the spotlight for their entire year of existence in the TCG.

It's time, right? Back me up on this, y'all.

#3 Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord

I debated putting about ten different Galaxy-Eyes Photon cards on here, but I think Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord deserves the nod because it's the most generic of all the expensive Galaxy-Eyes cards, and one of the priciest. We just got a much-needed reprint of Photon Orbital in Legendary Duelists: Season 2, but there are other strategies that run Rank 8s that are overlooked right now.

When I wrote about Blue-Eyes last week in the wake of the Season 2 reprints, I never thought Rank 8s could be so easy. In fact, constantly putting Level 8 monsters on the board can almost be a bad thing because you run out of space! When everything's constantly being revived from every direction, you'll have to turn down some options.

I would say you have to field a Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon to make the most of this card, but its effect circumvents that mandate. It literally takes Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from your deck and attaches it as a material with no other restrictions, unlocking the full potential of this card.

People that want Galaxy-Eyes Photon cards for decks? They want this. Number hunters? They want this as well. People that strive to be as cheeky as possible for unconventional mash-ups? Ding ding! People that want monster effects in Rank 8 form? Check and check.

It's time, y'all.

#2 Magicians' Souls

I don't even want to do good things with it. I just want to send Prophecy Destroyer to the graveyard. Is that too much to ask?


The thing that's most annoying about random cards like Magicians' Souls is that they barely make or break combos. Most things you could do with them, you can manage to do without. Beyond that, it's not exactly being used much. Magicians' Souls made a splash when it was first released, but even just as vague Dark Magician support, it's not exactly the end-all be-all.

I think the most hype Magicians' Souls ever got was when it debuted and was played with SPYRAL Master Plan, and now SPYRAL Master Plan Forbidden! I "get" why this card is so expensive, sure, but on the flip side, I don't "get" why it hasn't been reprinted. The demand's clearly there.

Looking back, there are actually quite a few cards from Legendary Duelists: Magical Hero that sorely need a reprint, but Magicians' Souls is definitely the biggest of the bunch.

If I promise not to break the meta with it, think they'll reprint it for me? I mean, Bryan Cloe won the Remote Duel Extravaganza in January with Invoked Eldlich, with some Magicians' Souls tossed in, so you can't even blame me for any of this.

#1 Higher Rarity Staples

If a card's been used in some competitive or nostalgic capacity, then I guarantee you a high rarity reprint of said card would garner demand. Even if the price on the secondary market didn't dictate an overly inflated value - like literally every Link Charmer monster - upgrades of inexpensive cards wouldn't be overlooked.

We've seen plenty of reprints, rarity swaps and upgrades, and even alternative art cards in higher numbers recently, no doubt in response to a rabid demand dictated by players and collectors. Whether it's the Starlight Rare Effect Veiler (Starlight Rare) in Eternity Code, or a Premium Gold Rare alternate art in Maximum Gold, people aren't sleeping on these new chase cards.

And I know, I kept Trishula, Dragon of the ice Barrier (Starlight Rare), off my list last week on a technicality. But I'm really pushing for more of those types of reprints.

The only thing I can say is… more? It'd be a tad dull to see something like the aforementioned Effect Veiler reprinted in literally every rarity four more times, but the players have spoken - we want upgrades for cards that deserve the treatment.

I know a handful of people that would sell their kidney or younger sibling for a foil version of Infernity Necromancer. If it was an alternative art foil card, you can bet they'd happily trade away both.

That's my list, but what cards would YOU like to see reprinted? I personally wouldn't mind a Starlight Rare version of Skull Servant, but I don't think that's coming anytime soon. Let me know, and perhaps we can change the market together.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, right?

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.