You know what I'm really good at? Pretending to be productive. I'd like to say that quarantine's made me more productive since there haven't been any boring office meetings to procrastinate through, but a few areas haven't gotten the attention they deserve. Now that things are starting to return to a normal in some places, Yu-Gi-Oh is slowly working towards a return as well.

I mean, kinda.

Most locals are still closed, and who knows when Regional Qualifiers and Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournaments will start again. Every day the news cycle changes, and there's virtually no exception to that "fun fact." Heck, what is opening when and how and to what extent are four different question marks that change here in Nashville roughly every five seconds.

What hasn't changed is that jerk of a groundhog eating all the carrots in my quarantine garden. If anyone wants a free groundhog, message me on Twitter or my writer page on Facebook , and I'll shoot you my coordinates for the groundhog extraction.

But yeah; all that aside, eventually things will be less weird and sitting across from another person playing cards will be a reality at some point. But that's a ways off, and there's a pretty good chance you might be kind of bored. Wanting to feel productive? Today I want to show you 100 things to do as you wait out the remaining weeks of quarantine, and we wait for the return of Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. I've done them all in my spare time when I haven't been defending my garden.


Diving right in, check out AlanMac95's DeviantArt account! If you need English proxies because you want to test cards that aren't yet released in the TCG, like the new Dragunity cards or the new U.A. cards, AlanMac95 creates custom English-language prototypes seemingly just moments after new cards are announced. Print them out, use them for reference, sleeve them up for proxy decks, or marvel at how he can make them in record time – they're all great ideas.


I'm not saying you should buy out all the copies of Shapesnatch and turn them into cube-shaped sculptures like so, then snap them together to create a giant version of Shapesnatch. But I AM saying that would make me the happiest person in the world for at least eight minutes.


If you want to do me a big favor, ask Konami on Twitter to print more Fabled cards. Please be respectful, but if we get enough people to ask, maybe they'll listen! I spend way too much time thinking of unique effects and cards that would help the theme. My pleas so far here on Infinite have sadly failed to bear fruit.


I post links to my articles on my Facebook writer page so I can engage with readers like you! Follow me there so you can be updated when my articles drop. I check it more often than my Twitter, but feel free to shoot me a message on either platform!


Check out this page of historic Forbidden and Limited Lists. You'll be surprised by some of the cards that needed to be restricted in the game's past, especially stuff pre-2010. Yes, Breaker the Magical Warrior and D.D. Warrior Lady were that broken back in the day. And yes, I'm aware that I'm dating myself a lot by saying that. Still, if you were playing Yu-Gi-Oh back then with me you'll love the nostalgia trip; and if you weren't playing the game back then, it's a weird glimpse into the game's history that's a lot of fun to look at.


Speaking of old formats, pick an old format to play! Whether it's the September 2013 Dragon Ruler format or old school Goats, understanding how decks succeeded in those formats will increase your YQ (Yu-Gi-Oh Quotient). Here's a broad explanation of the much-loved Goat Format.


Buy new card sleeves. Partially for sanitation reasons, sure, but also because you don't want to be penalized at your first tournament back once competition reopens. But wait! Don't throw your old sleeves away! If you have a bunch of uniform sleeves, you can use them for proxy decks or old school casual games. I just don't want to touch those gross old sleeves at a tournament.


Plan a time to playtest with people in real life, preferably at an eatery. (Keep it safe and adhere to all of your area's social distancing guidelines, of course.) For me, a lot of fond memories from college were late nights at a Steak 'n Shake, cards involved. Even at lower capacities, restaurants are starting to open up. They'd appreciate the business, and make sure to tip your server!


Check on people from your locals if you haven't talked to them in a while. Whether it's playing some cards or just exchanging a few friendly words, they'll appreciate it. If you're used to playing in tournaments once a week you're probably feeling the sudden vacuum that now occupyies the community-shaped hole in your heart, and they probably are too. Personally, I've had time to talk to people I haven't seen in quite a while, and those conversations have been both card-related, and not. It's good feels.


Organize your cards better. If you're like me, you have a lot of random cards lying around. Not only is decluttering a good feeling, but you might find some old cards that are worth a lot these days! I seriously found about 20 Dragon Buster Destruction Swords laying around when I did my grand reorg.


Learn how to sit properly. I've seen bad posture at tournaments, and no doubt we all learned to slouch in quarantine. I know that sounds silly, but future you will appreciate it. Be mindful of your bones in your body! Yes, I sound like your mother. But as the proud parent of sunflowers that are eight feet tall, I feel like I have some authority to be a parent.


Find a snack you like and buy ten million servings of it. The number of times people have tried to bum money off me because they spent all 37 of their dollars on chicken and fries at tournaments is staggering. I know I'm telling you to sit properly and eat well, but in real life I'm not your mother. Bring food if you're going to blow your life savings at 11:17 at a Regional on disgusting convention center food.



Wash your playmat. If you've never tried it before, most of them can be washed with a rag and a gentle touch. You think I'm kidding? Think of your disgusting grubby little hands pressing grime into it your playmat for years. My friend dropped ketchup on his mat once and never cleaned it. Every time I see his mat I call him "Stupid Ketchup Boy" in my head.


Consider getting an external battery for your phone. Cordero Spencer, AKA Vexacus4666 turned me on to them back in 2013, and they've been a life saver… especially for my peasant phone that dies every ten seconds. A compact battery can easily slip into whatever bag you take to tournaments, and it'll make your life as a duelist-on-the-go that much easier.

And The Band Played On


Get new music. No one wants to hear the SAME SONGS on every road trip you take to Regionals and YCS weekends. This isn't 2010; I don't want to hear LMFAO's "Shots" nine-hundred and seventeen times.


This might seem a little counterintuitive, but get a new hobby outside of Yu-Gi-Oh. It doesn't have to be profitable. Heck, it doesn't even have to be more fun than playing cards. Just make sure you're well balanced. I have too many hobbies, but it's really not a bad thing.


Ok, time to be gross: learn how to shower. One of my friends in college didn't use soap or bath products because "water was good enough," and my brain still hurts thinking about that. And yes, at this point I'm definitely your mother. But hey! Showering's literally in the Tournament Policy at this point, so I don't even feel bad.


Read about or watch the German opera Der Freischutz if you care about Magical Musketeers, since the theme's design actually draws heavy inspiration it. I've written about the theme here . It's interesting, I can pretend to speak German now and I feel cultured. Watch out world, here I come.


Go back and read my very first article nearly eight years ago. I remember dunking on Dino Rabbits with Lava Golem and Sea Lancer, and even though I lived that history, actually saying that phrase still sounds weird. I hate how many times I've used the play on words of "Generation Fish," drawing from Generation Force and alluding to the "bani-fish" theme it introduced.

Eight years later, and my jokes haven't gotten any better.


Subscribe to Doug Zeeff's Youtube channel. I know some people gravitate to reading articles versus watching videos, but Doug makes some great content. And sure, it's my personal bias, but I appreciate he doesn't have an intro to his channel. Really makes it quicker to get to all that Doug-y goodness.


Learn to juggle. Trust me, this will impress any guys or girls you're trying to show off for, especially if you can do it with objects of varying weights and sizes. The weirdest three things I've ever juggled together are a tennis racquet, a bag of beans, and a marshmallow.


Try growing a plant. It's a step down from a pet, which is a step down from a human. But it's still pretty fulfilling. If you can get a succulent you don't have to water, even better! Trust me, you can do it! It won't be as snazzy as my garden, but as long as a groundhog doesn't eat it, your new project will probably survive.


Come up with a ridiculous combo. If none of your friends are impressed by it, message me on Twitter or Facebook, and I'll be impressed by it for you. I mean, I went out of my way to turn just a Deep Sea Diva into Exodia back in this article.

…And when I say "ridiculous combo," I mean ridiculous. Make it the weirdest thing in the whole world. I believe in you


Test out a Nekroz deck or an Altergeist build. Most people don't have experience with either deck these days, but now that Altergeist Multifaker and Nekroz of Unicore are once again Unlimited, why not try them out? Sam has an awesome deck if you want a place to start with Nekroz, and Doug showed off his latest Altergeist build just a week ago.


Take a walk. Granted, I've done this every day, but it really helps clear my head, and I've met a lot more of my neighbors than I ever knew existed. I also found the demon child that's been stealing peaches off my peach tree and trying to sell them to my neighbors.

I respect the hustle, but he's still banned from my yard.


Practice your Spanish for when you go visit your family, so they don't mock you in a bowling alley in downtown Madrid after you accidentally order eight beers instead of just one more, because YOU said "otro" forgetting "cerveza" was feminine, but your accent is garbage so the bartender heard "ocho."

Totally relatable, right?


Build your favorite deck from your favorite format of all time, either in real life or online, and toy around with it. Whether you think of an improvement and find someone to play with, or you just solitaire it a whole bunch to see how it draws, it'll bring back some good memories. I still have my Spellbook deck laying around just for kicks, and it brings a smile to my face every time I activate Spellbook of Judgement.

I know, I know: you probably vomited thinking of that card. But me, I'm still in love.


If you playtest with friends online while you're socially distancing, maybe reach out for video chat while you're playing. It's a more authentic bonding experience than just typing "eff" again and again, and in my case, you'll be forced to show how many bottles of wine you've had. Even better, get mutual friends to hop on so everyone can heckle your opponent. Granted, you could be the one getting heckled, but it's all in good fun.


This isn't a sponsored message (yet), but play Jackbox online with your friends. I'm virtually undefeated in the game, and yes, that's a challenge to have me play with y'all. Just don't invite me to play Drawsome.

Drawsome's the worst.


Unless you're in a city with intense light pollution, pick a night and go out for some stargazing. Best case scenario, it's a great date idea… worst case scenario, you'll be thinking about Satellarknights when you're looking up at the actual stars and constellations. There's a nice park a few minutes from my house that's light on mosquitoes and big on celestial wonders; you might find something like that close to you, too.


Have a push-up duel. Every 100 Life Points lost is a push-up. You'll be swole in no time. Not as swole as yours truly, but I invite you to try to keep up.


…or have a pocket duel! Full rules and a snazzy picture with me wearing yellow jeans are both available here. I wish I knew where those jeans were now, but I'm 99.99999999% sure a certain ex threw them out when I wasn't looking.

Say it with me and try not to cringe: "pocket duel."


Come up with something cooler than pocket dueling because I've been ridiculed a lot for that over the past decade. I promise I won't make fun of you for it! Your friends will take care of that for me.


Want to be more productive? Track your time. Again, this is sadly not a sponsored endorsement, but I use the free platform Clockify. I use it when I'm writing articles here, or when I'm billing for consulting work, or when I'm just confused about where all my time has gone in a given day. Turns out I played a lot of Overwatch.


Figure out your top favorite Pokemon at Pokemon Picker, where I'v spent way too much time figuring out my Top 100 favorites in very specific order. I may have gone even further than that, but we'll say I only went to a hunndred.


Teach yourself to cook. Ladies, gents, squids… it's 2020, and everyone should know how to cook. I remember some of my teammates in tennis were giving me crap for cooking one time, but what did they want me to do? Starve? No thanks.

Have fun with your canned tamales, Brian. I'll keep enjoying fine cuisine.


Figure out what Quibi is. Maybe I'm old, but I just don't understand. Sure, there's a lot I don't understand, but someone please explain to me why Quibi was ever needed or funded. Here's a visual of me every time I think about Quibi.


If you're able, why not foster an animal? They'll appreciate it, and so will you. Maybe you can teach them to play cards. My friend Cameron has a dog and a cat that don't like playing cards, but they sure love stepping on them. Not cool.


Not everything he does is Yu-Gi-Oh related, but Andy Tantwoi has some mind-blowing art you'll probably love. 'Nuff said.


And now that you've seen the threateningly amazing product of a lifelong artist… learn to draw! There are so many art styles in Yu-Gi-Oh, you'll have plenty of inspiration. If you think you can't draw, sure, you might not be able to, but artistic talent is largely mechanical and a matter of practice. Just because you're not creative doesn't mean you can't teach yourself to draw! For starters, draw Yugi!


Clean out your bag, your backpack, your purse or your messenger bag, whatever you take to tournaments. Heck, if you have a bag that goes everywhere with you BUT tournanments, clean that out too. When's the last time you grabbed that thing and turned it over? Who knows, you might find some dice or a forgotten card or two in there. I found a Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En once in my backpack, and while it was nearly destroyed, I also found a lot of cracker crumbs, two flash drives, a bandana, and 14 nails.

Hashtag value.


Learn some survival skills. Not being pessimistic by any means, but as an Eagle Scout, I can't tell you how many times knowing odds and ends about things have helped me out. At the very least, learn to tie a square knot.

Square knots aren't a showstopper, fine, so if you want some really cool survival skills, my second favorite podcast has an archive of survival skills you didn't know you needed here, including, yes, escaping from swarms of bees.


Get a library card. All the COOL kids have one. Libraries offer much more than books! In my younger years I actually rented entire rooms at my local library to duel in. That's a thing you can do. If your library's awesome enough.


Follow TCGPlayer Infinite Yu-Gi-Oh! on Facebook!


Find tokens that you actually like using, like my fifteen different Ivysaur cards. The only Ivysaur card I don't have is this one that's roughly $300 dollars. I would start a GoFundMe, but there are better causes for it.


Make up your own monster theme. I've thought up dozens over the years, Konami has rejected all my ideas, life goes on. I promise you, you have an imagination. Heck, try to come up with a different game mechanic to boot. It's a fun mental exercise.


Drink water. Everyone needs to do more of that. Except me. I drink too much water, and my roommate claims I've destroyed his Brita filter.

Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth


Learn how to pronounce card names, specifically Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. I wince a bit when I hear people pronounce cards incorrectly. Yeesh.


Maybe get a new dueling bag or backpack. I've seen a guy at a tournament with a backpack held together entirely by duct tape; tragically, it fell apart and spilled deck boxes everywhere. You don't want your precious cards to be destroyed, right? I know I don't.


Follow Farfa if for nothing else than to watch his Rewind videos, basically good versions of YouTube's platform-wide annual rewind features. I know there are a lot of good content producers out there, but that niche of video is probably the funniest for me.


Imagine yourself as the show protagonist in a Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Trust me, your imagination is better than you think, and you'll probably be able to come up with a pretty interesting and unique story. It's way more entertaining than checking your phone for the 300th time on a car ride.


Sell some of your old cards. I have a bunch of deck cores lying around, but even I don't want to play every deck that's ever existed. Why do I have fourteen Melodious cores sitting around? I guess 2015 me thought it'd be swell to collect every Melodious card in triplicate a few hundred times over. That's a slight exaggeration, but I literally just looked and no joke, I can confirm that I have more than 50 copies of in a stack on my desk.

It's possible I don't need all those.


Learn to hand jive. You can do it to any song in 4/4 or 2/4 time, and you can pretend like you're a great dancer. Actually, you could straight up learn to dance too, saving yourself and the rest of the world from that sort of awkward wiggling gyration thing most of us have to resort to at weddings. You don't have to be a great dancer, you just have to not be the worst one.


Check out Tainted Wisdom's channel where he features some of the most insane combos ever, including a Mokey Mokey FTK. Seriously, he puts some of my most ridiculous ideas to shame with his ingenuity. I have no idea how he hasn't hit more than 8K subscribers. The videos are mesmerizing, and he's always coming up with new ways to perform combos.


Watch this video, detailing the story of the Noble Knights. It's one of the more comprehensive card lore videos I've seen, and I'm a sucker for watching this kind of stuff. The Noble Knight theme parallels the lore it references better than most other archetypes, so there's a lot to dig into and appreciate.


I rarely get bored, but if I ever do I visit the Bored Button. I used to have it as a shortcut on my work computer. Don't tell my old boss. Or I mean, do tell him; what's he going to do?


Take a history course. I've used because it's free and really well done. Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it, so make the choice to be one of those people that will watch others repeat it while you stand a few feet back. It's like watching your friend open the perfect combo knowing he'll mess it up time and time again.


Find a podcast that you like. They tend to be more entertaining than listening to the same song over and over again. Here's mine - don't judge me, it's my outlet for not being ready to have a dog yet. I have a sunflower named Harold, and he's over eight feet tall if that counts.


Want up to date info on new releases, products, and all things news in Yu-Gi-Oh? Make sure you check out The Organization. Especially if you're not big on other social media where things get spammed ad nauseum, the crew over at The Organization will keep you ahead of the game and up to date on virtually everything pertaining to both the TCG and the OCG.


A plug to my favorite video game franchise of all time, Fire Emblem. If you've never played, a new version was released last year called Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It's one of the best in the franchise, at least for modern players.


Check out the various trivia pages on Yugipedia, specifically everything for the World Legacy Cards. There's an extremely long and interesting story there, and if you're not familiar with it, it's really become a classic piece of Yu-Gi-Oh culture.


Cry about the Pebble Rule for Ritual Monsters. I touched on it in my Megalith article and it doesn't come up as much as you'd think, but it's something to keep in the back of your mind. Yes, it's something to cry over, and I will cry over it.


If you want some inspiration for fan-made themes and support for legacy decks, check out BatMed on DeviantArt, who's created a bunch of new themes to get your creative juices flowing! He's not the only Yu-Gi-Oh artist on DeviantArt with serious skills, but he's definitely one of my favorites.


Here's a mix of official Yu-Gi-Oh music to duel by, getting you in the mood for some old school action. If you don't like that, then you're probably a lost cause as a human being.


Did someone say cool art on Twitter? I'll link my favorite piece by Kraus Arts.


Get a custom playmat. If you need inspiration, this is my next idea for a playmat. Surprise! It's not Fabled!


Donate to a cause. There are a lot of things you could donate to right now, but if you're privileged enough to have money to spend on shiny cardboard, then I urge you to donate a little of your time or money to something you feel strongly about. There's no wrong answer here - reaching out to someone in need is never a bad idea.


Try to build a deck around a weird theme. I'm not saying submit it to Konami, but hey, it's fun to take a random old card and flesh out a whole archetype for it. Don't worry about making it extremely balanced - in fact, I wouldn't. Print off some copies and destroy the meta with your Mokey Mokey Extravaganza!


Try it with a different deck because your first idea failed.


Got a million extra commons laying around? Throw them at a child! Not literally, but whether it's a younger sibling, cousin, family friend, someone in your community - even if they have no idea what card games are - it's a new toy, and I bet they'd have some fun. Gifting some cards is a great way to draw new people into the game, and fresh blood will be crucial once tournaments reopen in your area.


Watch the best beatdown in old school Yugioh here, in the original sub of course. What a thing of beauty.


Someone, anyone, someone tell me how to make Summoned Skulls good as a theme! Can you even count it as a theme? I'm not sure, but… if anyone has any good ideas, I'll listen. I've tried alot of different things… but despite a handful of cards, the theme doesn't do much? Help? Please?


For the love of Ra, please burn all of your old clothes that smell bad. You know the one that no matter how many times you wash it, it will smell. I don't want to smell it at locals. If you've been the smelly guy at your tournaments before, well, the post-COVID era is your chance to reinvent yourself.


Watch the episode of Justice League Unlimited titled "Patriot Act," probably one of my favorite episodes of TV. What? This is a list of 100 things… some things are purely entertainment and have nothing to do with cards. It's really good, trust me.


Use YouTube for good, not for … whatever it is you do. Sure, there are tons of combo decks to look up, but there are plenty of things you can look up on YouTube that will make you a more well-rounded person too. If you've ever wanted to learn how to do something, baking bread is not the only skill you can learn under quarantine.


Become like One Punch Man. Each day, 100 sit ups, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and a 10k run. Granted that's not a complete workout per se, but, ya know, any physical activity is good activity.


Write a quarantine journal. Make it really crazy and weird. Hide it from yourself. You'll either freak your self out in the future, or freak out the archaeologists who find it. My other suggestion that I'm not going to actually suggest is to move the furniture around in your house by mere inches every day to upset your roommate.

Don't do that. And if you do, DEFINITELY don't message me about it on my socials so we can laugh about it together.


Duel Links. That's all. Ultimate fun, ultimate time waster, and Doug "Stealer of My Shirt" Zeeff should be happy with the new release of Altergeists, now playable in Yu-Gi-Oh's official mobile game!


I know I suggested juggling before, but there might be another hobby that piques your interest. One of my friend's hobbies is seeing how long he can hold his breath. Yes, there's a lot to unpack in that sentence and we don't have time for it today. MOVING ON…


Get a temporary tattoo. It can be my face or Ivysaur. I wouldn't suggest making one yourself because those… don't always come off. I'm not saying that I can tell you from personal experience that they don't work out well, but a quick internet search will give you ideas that can work and ideas that won't work.

Temporary my behind...


Try to create your own duel disk… mine… never worked out. It wasn't functional, it was made out of cardboard, and I spilled a soda on it. Not my best day.

But here's someone that built a functional one out of cardboard, product placement and all!


Declutter non-Yu-Gi-Oh things. Yeah, I said it. I'm leaning into this parental role again. Clean up your life! Look around and see how the last few months have worn on your organizational skills. I'm not the best at organizing everything, but I dedicated a week in May to declutter my office and living room, and it's like I live in a new house.

I still have my messy roommate, but you can't win them all.


Consider buying a giant card for your wall. It's art! Some of my favorite art in my house is… unconventional to say the least. I have a 9-foot tall poster of Thor from Thor: Ragnarok in one room, and yes, it's purely for scientific purposes. Whatever they are.


If you want to really give yourself a headache, try the old school video games like Duelists of the Roses. Just know that you'll be… very confused at first, but they're strangely addicting with their own set of mechanics. If anything, they'll make you appreciate Duel Links that much more.


Anyone want to buy me this? I'll be your best friend (for a full week!)


Yu-Gi-Oh cocktails? I have tried none of these, but I'm sort of a peasant when it comes to drinking. And yeah, from the looks of it, Yu-Gi-Oh cocktails are for the mature.


Look up the original names of localized cards and investigate why cards change names. For your first assignment, check out why Toadally Awesome was renamed as such.


It's a time-suck for sure, but Reddit has a lot of interesting discussion spaces, including r/yugioh. My favorite subreddit is r/vegancheesemaking. Don't judge me, I just like animals.


Cleanup your social media, namely your friends lists. There are some people from middle school that still get my posts. Do I care about them? Not particularly, and now I've inspired myself to clean up my socials.


You know what's cooler than juggling? Origami. Now that I'm admitting that, I'll let you guess what I've been doing alone in my house since mid-March. If you look hard enough, you can even find some Yu-Gi-Oh origami, or some Yu-Gi-Oh paper craft if that's more your style.


Play Overwatch with me. I only play Support, and I'm tired of dealing with mediocre DPS. I know I joke about virtually everything, but if you want the world's worst Brigette on your team, hit me up.


Yeah, I know, I suggested Reddit, but… get off Reddit. Go read a book. I know, you probably already wasted 100 hours between this and my suggestion above.


Get good at chess. It's actually not that hard to become talented enough to scrub 99.99% of the world population. Since I'm declassifying all my secrets here, I might as well admit I was chess captain at my high school, though technically I was a jock in high school too. LIfe is weird, the rules are made up, do what you want.

I know I've plugged Reddit, several times before in the last two minutes, but here's an extensive list of a lot of resources to not overwhelm you getting started.


Back on Yu-Gi-Oh, make sure you know all the rules… SEGOC is one that people still don't know.

Bond Between Teacher And Student


Teach your roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, or house pet to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Good luck on the house pet one. And good luck on that roommate one. My roommate would rather play Crossy Road . I know I give my roommate tons of crap, but he's a good sport. Anyways, Speed Duel decks make teaching the game incredibly easy; you largely ignore all the complicated Extra Deck stuff, and if your eager pupil is legitimately interested, they can play around in the Speed Duel sandbox for a while getting their duel-legs and then dive into Advanced Format play once they're more ready.


I know I've already suggested that you come up with some cool combos, but come up with a useless combo. I figured out a way to deck myself out and empty my Extra Deck. Does it mean you lose instantly? Maybe, but you've won in my mind.


Check out Amanda LapPalme's card alters. Drawing over cards to transform them into something else is the coolest thing possible, and Amanda's one of the OG greats of the Yu-Gi-Oh art scene. Sometimes I watch things like this and wonder if I'll ever be truly talented. At anything.


Speaking of people that are a hundred times more talented than I am… well… just… have you ever carved anything out of wood? How about a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon? If you want to see someone who has, check it out here.


Watch the best part of any of Yugi's duels to ever happen ever, specifically the Japanese version.


Alright, so when people think of alternate formats, they often think of restricted card lists or minor rule suggestions. But my friend Chris and I have come up with some of the most ridiculous sets of rules to play under, and I have to admit it's insanely fun. The sky's the limit with your imagination on this one, and no rule is too preposterous. If you've ever played in an official Pegasus format tournament, you've already seen the kind of craziness that can go down. Obviously not all of your ideas will pan out into something fun, but building your own world to duel in is one of the best ways to spice up the game.

I have about 900 more suggestions, but most of them involve cooking or specialized tools or way too much patience, so these 100 ideas will have to hold youf or now. Locals in my area still haven't reopened, so I guess I'll… go down my list again, starting from the top!

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.