By now you've probably heard of the combo between Cauldron Familiar and Witch's Oven. Tap the Oven to sacrifice the Cat and create a Food Token (what a flavorful interaction), then sac the Food to return Cauldron Familiar to the battlefield, draining your opponent for 1. It's not "infinite" (you're limited by how many times you can untap Witch's Oven in a turn) and draining for 1 isn't exactly game-breaking. But, it's cheap to assemble, free to execute and the pieces are useful alone or in multiples!

This deck builds extra synergies into and around the combo. Ayara, First of Locthwain doubles the drain and offers another sac outlet. Midnight Reaper draws a card for each Cat that dies. Gutterbones offers another body to bake when you're out of Cats. Best of all, these pieces synergize with each other: cast Gutterbones, drain 1 with Ayara, sac Gutterbones to Ayara to draw with Ayara and Reaper, then reclaim Gutterbones to do it again next turn. That's three mana to go up two cards and deal 1 damage.

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