Sam's back with an updated Dark Magician deck that scored him a 2nd Place finish this weekend! The followup to his list from January, Sam's new build runs tech picks like Super Polymerization, Skill Drain and - wait for it - the trap card Get Out! to boost his match-ups with SPYRAL and Shaddolls. He even ran Storming Mirror Force for a very specific play; find out what it was in the video.

With SPYRAL stealing a lot of Dark Magician's thunder by swiping Magicians' Souls, Sam's deck is a breath of fresh air from the competitive norm. Hear him talk about the possible future of a new F&L List and its impact on Dark Magicians while he shows you the full deck list; it's all just one click away.



You can find the full list for Sam's deck below, but hit the video and make sure you learn how to play it!