There are lots of high-impact cards that people want banned right now, but we have no idea when we'll see a new Forbidden & Limited List...And when it arrives, there's no guarantee it'll ban anything! Back in June, Konami used the F&L List update to put a trio of Limited cards to 3-per-deck. So what if we see more cards unrestricted on the next list? Which banned cards could safely return to competition?

That's the question on Doug's mind in today's video, as he counts down a Top 5 Hitlist of cards that are Forbidden now, but could make a return. Or at least Doug argues they could. Check out the video to see what made the cut.

If you've been playing long enough to remember why some of these cards were banned in the first place, you may feel a little wary about bringing some of them back. But come onnnnn... doesn't everybody miss the Fiber Jar just a little bit? And let's be honest, the sweet, sweet peck of victory when you strike for a lock with Yata-Garasu does feel amazing, as long as you're the one doing the pecking, and not the one being pecked.

What do you think? Are there banned cards that should be back in tournament play?