A new Advanced Format's always make or break: decks can win big if returning cards give them a power spike, or they can get demolished overnight if their best cards evaporate. Between those two extremes there's lot of grey, starting with strategies that are impacted by the new dynamics between surviving decks... for better or for worse. It's not easy, but if you've got a good read on the format going forward it's that much easier to choose the right decks and set yourself up for success.

Knowing the winners is huge, sure, but it may be even more important to avoid a strategy that's on its way out. Wasted money is one thing but wasted time may be even worse when you're trying to get those reps in with a new deck. So today Doug's going to show you the biggest losers from the April Advanced Format and talk you through the shifts he's expecting.



If you're looking for a new deck to try, Kelly dropped an awesome How To Play guide on Cyber Dragons in the new format, so don't miss it!