Magic is full of creatures that tap for useful effects, no matter what you're trying to accomplish:

Ping your opponent:  Blightspeaker, Nettle Drone, Prodigal Pyromancer
Draw a card:  Archivist, Sea Gate Loremaster
Pump a creature:  Angelic Page, Kabuto Moth
Scry 1:  Sigiled Starfish
Gain Life:  Soulmender
Mill:  Cathartic Adept, Screeching Sliver

These effects are nice, but at the rate of one activation per turn, they're hardly game-breaking. On the other hand, if you could untap those creatures as often as you like, you'd win on the spot.

1. Village Hussar Caretaker

2. Untap All the Myr

3. Izzet Call to Glory

4. Untap All the Artifacts

5. Liquimetal Coralhelm

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