We're less than one month away from Master Rule 5, set to swerve the future of Yu-Gi-Oh! on April 1st. You probably know by now, but if you need a refresher the big impact of MR5 is tied to Extra Deck summons: for the last several years the cards in your Extra Deck were restricted by the Extra Monster Zone and the Link Arrows on your Link Monsters. Don't have the right Links? Then your Extra Deck's useless!

It was a huge change that arrived in 2017 and it swiftly divided Yu-Gi-Oh! into Decks That Could Use Links Effectively and Decks That Couldn't. The decks that struggled to get their Link Summoning act together largely fell out of competition, axing lots of fan-favorites and re-shaping the entire feel of the game as we knew it.

Now most of that's set to be reverted, with Master Rule 5 busting the handcuffs off Synchros, Fusions and Xyz! Old decks are going to come back, power levels will shift all over the place and suddenly the game's wide open again. So how can you prep for the biggest change in three years? Doug's got you covered with a shortlist of cards you should grab before Master Rule 5 arrives, in today's featured video.

Does Master Rule 5 unshackle one of your favorite decks? Are you eager to try a new strategy? Let us know what's on your to-do list, down in the comments.