If you're a new player that wants to start competing and improving your skills, you might find that your path forward is a little unclear. Should you just jam a million games online? Should you play the top decks, or try and forge your own path? And how important is it to own all the best cards? Sometimes it's not even really about what you know, or what you're playing - sometimes it's who you know, and the people you surround yourself with on your way to the top.

It's a huge topic, but in today's featured video Doug tackles the question of competitive growth from a few different angles to come up with five big tips that'll help you become a better player; advice that'll improve your performance in tournaments, deck building and play testing. Some of this stuff is on a level that doesn't get discussed much, so don't miss it.

What are your thoughts, and what advice would you give to newer players looking to compete? Leave your comments down below.