Whenever you cast a Wizard, Inalla, Archmage Ritualist lets you make a copy of that Wizard with haste for just one mana—even from the command zone. That means you can double up on Wizard enters-the-battlefield effects like a permanent Yarok, the Desecrated, or unleash tap abilities before your opponents get their turns to react.

Inalla is reliable, but she's not the only way to get more value from ETB effects. Spells like Displace, Ghostly Flicker and Illusionist's Stratagem all "flicker" your Wizards for more value, while offering Inalla more opportunities to use eminence. If that's still not enough, Naban, Dean of Iteration doubles your triggers for all the Wizards and tokens you cast, flicker or create.

With all those triggers flying, even simple Wizards become game-changing spells. Aether Adept goes from bouncing one creature to bouncing four with Inalla and Naban, and another four if you can flicker it. Cloudkin Seer draws four cards. Overwhelmed Apprentice mills all your opponents for eight and scries 2 four times.

With the board locked down, your hand full and your library stacked, it's up to you how to win. For style points, you can assemble one of the deck's infinite combos...







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