Given the option, few players choose to antagonize Mathas.

Mathas invites your opponents to wreck each other's boards (instead of yours) for that sweet, sweet bounty-counter value. Paired with taxing effects like Ghostly Prison and Revenge of Ravens, Mathas heavily discourages the table from targeting you.

That soft power is critical, because the other half of this Mathas deck is bound to earn you some enemies. This list hurls more Curses than a sailor with hook in their eye.

Curse of Death's Hold and Cruel Reality weaken down their victim's creatures. Curse of Bloodletting and Curse of Stalked Prey reward your opponents for attacking each other. Cruelest of all, Curse of Misfortunes lets you tutor and cast a new curse for free every turn.

When your opponents are begging for mercy, you can end their suffering with a flight of angels from Sigil of the Empty Throne.

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