You know the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who? They're vicious monsters that can only move when no one's looking at them. If you blink, they get you.

Thassa, Deep-Dweller is the opposite. You blink, and they die.

Thassa's indestructibility and her low converted mana cost mean she'll be online for most of a game of Commander. On each of your end steps, you get to "blink" one of your creatures out of and on to the battlefield, triggering its enters-the-battlefield abilities a second time.

Try reading the creatures below with the understanding that they'll trigger twice. That's two cards destroyed with Meteor Golem, four cards drawn with Mulldrifter, and two cards stolen with Agent of Treachery.




That's not close to the end of blue's blink shenanigans! With a $100 budget instead of $50, you can add more ETB enablers like Deadeye Navigator, Conjurer's Closet and Panharmonicon that will really make your deck take off.

If Agent of Treachery seemed busted before, wait until it reads "1U: Gain control of two target permanents."




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