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As a patron of The Commander's Quarters, Seth Brady got to request a personalized deck tech, and he chose a group buffs deck with Surrak Dragonclaw.


Slivers aren't the only creatures that work well together. Surrak Dragonclaw makes all the other creatures in your deck uncounterable and gives them trample. These are both powerful abilites, especially in Commander. Countermagic and blockers both become more prevalent when you have multiple opponents, and Surrak handles both of them. But he's just one of many creatures in this deck who understand the power of teamwork.

Other team players include:

When all these pals get together, even the weakest among them becomes a formidable threat.

Thanks, Coach Dragonclaw! You taught us that even a bunch of misfit pre-teens creatures can win at little league baseball card games. And how to skin a bear. We'll never forget either lesson. Never.