The nature of good design versus flawed design in Yu-Gi-Oh! is a big topic, not just because it's the focus of a lot of debate, but also because different categories of cards are designed in different ways. It's often easy to judge a theme-stamped card against the others in its strategy, and then draw a conclusion overall about the strength of that particular deck. Those cards are often the easiest to call out as good or bad design.

But what about splashable cards, the ones meant to be played all over the place? Those are more challenging: they need to be comparable to the power level of themed cards without being too powerful; they need to fill a role that's lacking in a wide range of themes; and they need to be balanced across dozens of different strategies, many of which may be better than others. That's a tough balancing act.

But in today's discussion, Doug talks about seven of his favorite cards that hit all those marks, going deep to discuss why they're not just good - but also examples of good design. Check it out!

What do you think are some of the best designed generic cards in the game, today or from the past? Let us know, down in the comments.