Do you like the Pokémon Gameboy games or collect the trading cards? Because if you do, Pokémon GO might be the game for you! My name is Matthias Freeman, I am 12 years old today (happy birthday to me!), and I love Pokémon in general.

I used to only collect the cards and trade them with my friends for fun - that's how we learned all the character names and their special attacks. I first got into Pokémon GO by stealing my older brother's phone when he wasn't paying attention and playing it on there! I did that for 4 years. Now I have my own phone to play on.

I like Pokémon GO because it gives you the experience of catching Pokémon in the real world! The concept of the Pokémon GO app is to bring the characters to life wherever you are. It's also a great way to be active, get outside, and go explore new places. In Pokémon GO, you travel around the game's world by moving in real life. I like to walk or bike around when I play.

Once I rode my bike to a gym 5 miles away, but my mobile data stopped working when I got there. Not a great day.

When you see a Pokémon, you can use a Poké Ball to catch it and add it to your own collection. At first you get garbage Pokémon like Weedle and Hoppip, but just be patient - once you level up, good stuff like Machamp, Metagross, and sometimes legendary Pokémon start to appear!

There are 3 teams in Pokémon GO: Instinct, Mystic, and Valor. Each one has a different leader and style, and they all compete against each other. I joined the Instinct team because it has the coolest leader, Spark! He focuses on using electric type Pokémon and giving them really good moves.

You can help whichever team you join by adding Pokémon to gyms - real world places that Pokémon can be found in the game. Pokémon stay there until they are defeated by a player and added to their collection. If you want to capture a bigger-than-normal Pokémon, you can team up with other trainers at a gym to take it down! This teamwork-style battle is called a Raid.

After you catch great Pokémon, you can battle with your friends or other trainers for rewards like berries to feed your Pokémon, free Poké Balls, and even new Pokémon! The game has Pokémon from all different regions. (I'm excited for Alola, which is coming to Pokémon GO soon!) Some of my favorites are Haxorus, Vaporeon, Aggron, Empoleon, and Woobat. (Look how cute it is!)

If you're a fan of anything from the Pokémon universe, I think you should go ahead and give Pokémon GO a try. It's a cool game that lets you exercise, collect your favorite Pokémon, and compete in a fun way with your friends - all at the same time.

Happy catching!