I have decided that it is time for me to write a Limited article. I will be going over pick orders for drafting Journey into Nyx. I have a lot of experience drafting this format, and in my opinion the first booster pack of a Draft is the most important. I do consider myself a strong Limited player, and would be happy to hear any feedback on the article. I am going to look over the commons and uncommons in blue, black and red. Of course like any draft format pick orders can change and these are simply general guidelines.

Alright let's start with blue commons and uncommons.


Hour of Need: This is the best uncommon in the set, and for good reason. Many games involve getting to five mana, making two 4/4's and just winning.

Whitewater Naiads: A five mana 4/4 that gives a creature unblockable when it comes into play is playable. The fact that this guy works with constellation, to be able to reuse the unblockable effect is what makes him above the average power level for a five-drop.

Sigiled Starfish: The more I have drafted the more I have l have grown to appreciate this card. It is currently my top common in the set. Having three toughness is very relevant, and Sigiled Starfish is at its best in a controlling deck that wants to play the long game. Remember the sweet interactions with activating this guy with Flamespeaker Adept or even Knowledge and Power in play.

Hubris: Bounce spells are highly valued in Theros block, and for good reason. That being said Hubris is the worst of the bounce spells. While sometimes you may want to return the enchantment attached to the guy you are bouncing, there will often be times you don't. Sometimes returning a bestowed creature is fine, but you don't usually want to be returning an enchantment that cantrips like Fate Foretold, plus the creature you are bouncing. Bounce spells are at their best in aggressive decks that can gain the most from the tempo gained from a card like Hubris.

Pin to the Earth: This card is playable in an aggressive deck, but at its best in a control deck, which makes it basically the opposite of Cast into Darkness. This card is not only solid removal, but it works with constellation.

Cloaked Siren: This card is exactly what you want for a four mana blue creature.

Riptide Chimera: This is a card that can be built around. After taking him early it is important to value cheap enchantments higher, especially ones that cantrip. In my experience he is either very good, or is left in the sideboard.

War-Wing Siren: This card is quite good even without a ton of ways to target him. I don't like him in a super aggressive deck, but will almost never leave War-Wing Siren in the sideboard.

Triton Cavalry: This card is about on par with War-Wing Siren. Sometimes returning an enchantment can be sweet, but a lot of the time he is just a four mana 2/4.

Crystalline Nautilus: This is a card that goes around quite late, yet has a big upside. Remember that you can bestow this onto an opponent's creature and then target it. I had a deck with this and two Kiora's Followers which made it a five mana "destroy target creature and put a 4/4 into play" a lot of the time. This is a card that you can draft around.

Dakra Mystic: This guy is a one-drop that has utility later in the game. Remember that it also works as a way to get cards into the graveyard, and can even be used as a milling method.

Interpret the Signs: This is a card that will win the game by itself if you have time to cast it. If I draft one of these I am much more likely to try and go blue/black control.

Rise of Eagles: I have been liking this card more and more. While it does have competition at the six drop slot, I usually like one of these in my deck, especially when I am running constellation cards.

Aerial Formation: This is a card that is best in a blue/green deck with lots of ground creatures, some being heroic.

Thassa's Ire: I initially wasn't sure how to evaluate this card. It is situational, but can be very good. I will play it especially in a blue/green constellation deck with cards like Market Festival and Kruphix's Insight.

Kiora's Dismissal: This card is usually worse than a Naturalize effect, and I usually won't maindeck it. That being said having a way to interact with enchantments in a blue deck out of the sideboard is nice.

Font of Fortunes: This card is not good in an aggressive deck, but can be reasonable with a constellation theme, or as just another Divination effect.

Thassa's Devourer: This guy is playable in a slow deck where the mill effect may actually be relevant.

Countermand: If you really need payables playing a four mana hard counter isn't the worst thing ever.

Triton Shorestalker: There is only one pack of Ordeals now.

Pull from the Deep: This card is super slow, though I could see playing it I had a ton of targets.

Godhunter Octopus: If you are in desperate need of a big creature I would still hesitate before playing him.


Gnarled Scarhide: I may value Gnarled Scarhide more than most, but this guy has been super impressive. This card is very good in an aggressive deck. I am fine playing him turn one, or just using him later in the game on an opponent's creature to stop it from blocking.

Feast of Dreams: This card is just Doom Blade a lot of the time, but there will decks that have very few or even zero enchantment creatures. The fact that this is two mana instant speed removal makes it the best black common.

Nightmarish End: This is another piece of removal, and it is important to remember if this card is in your deck to not play excess lands later in the game.

Bloodcrazed Hoplite: I have seen this guy go very late in drafts and I still don't know why. Black aggressive decks are now a thing. This guy is at its best white/black, and if you have him I would value Aspect of Gorgon higher.

Brain Maggot: This guy is great, especially in a deck with a constellation theme. I will always play him if I'm black.

Cast into Darkness: This card is great in a super aggressive deck, and has the added bonus of working with constellation.

Nyx Infusion: This will usually be a cheap piece of removal that works well with constellation. Occasionally it will be right to put Nyx Infusion on your own guy.

Pharika's Chosen. This card is better than Sedge Scorpion, which means that it is quite good. Slower black decks are best friends with this guy.

Spiteful Blow: This card is about on par with Sip of Hemlock. I am always hesitant to pick six mana cards highly, but this is removal.

Grim Guardian: This guy is sweet in control or constellation decks.

Felhide Petrifier: This card turns on the most minotaur's in red/black. If I am going to be trading creatures though I would rather be spending one mana to play Pharika's Chosen than three for this guy.

Dreadbringer Lampads: I personally am a big fan of this dude. He pushes through damage later in the game when few other cards can.

Squelching Leeches: Yes I have seen monoblack drafted before. I would not play this guy in a deck with less than nine swamps.

Rotted Hulk: Originally I didn't like this guy but sometimes he is exactly what you need, five toughness can be a big game.

Returned Reveler: He is a two-drop that has three toughness, which is very rare in the format. This card is better in slower controlling decks.

Aspect of Gorgon: This card is best in aggressive decks with heroic creatures.

Cruel Feeding: This card is nice in a black/green deck where having a way to give big creatures lifegain can turn a game around.

Font of Return: In slower matchups this card can be sweet, though I would hesitate before running it main.

Ritual of the Returned: to be fair I have yet to play with or against this card. I could see there being value to making a surprise blocker, and it works well with ways of getting cards quickly into the graveyard.

Thoughtrender Lamia: This card is overpriced bit sometimes in constellation decks you just have to run whatever enchantments you have.

Agent of Erebos: It is not a good sign if this card is in the maindeck, but it is a nice sideboard card against graveyard strategies.

Tormented Thoughts: Please don't try to make this work.


Mogis's Warhound: Bestowing this card on turn three can just be game over. This card is nuts in red/white aggro.

Forgeborn Oreads: I love this guy in a format filled with one toughness creatures. I think it is about the same power level as Magma Spray.

Magma Spray: Cheap removal is at a premium.

Bladetusk Boar: This card is just awesome, as some decks just can't deal with him.

Riddle of Lightning: I know there are people who don't like Riddle of Lightning. It is still removal, and scrying three is a lot.

Sigiled Skink: Yes this is a two mana 2/1 so I expect I value him higher than most people. The scry one is a big deal, just play with him and I expect you will agree.

Rouse the Mob: This card can be a sweet way of closing a game out, and I see it a lot in red/white decks.

Akroan Line Breaker: This card is nice when you can target him consistently, as he does hit for four, which is pretty hard.

Starfall: I think most people overvalue this card. Paying five to deal three is a lot, but in this format it is playable.

Flurry of Horns: I have been impressed with this card every time I have cast it. The card is at its best in black/red where the creatures are not that good. The creatures having haste is a big deal.

Satyr Hoplite: this guy can be very good, but more often than not he is pretty bad. I won't look to draft him early, but if I do take him I will prioritize Nyxborn Rollicker higher in Born of the Gods.

Blinding Flare: This is another way of finishing the game off. It also works as a way to target your own heroic creatures.

Wildfire Cerberus: The red does start to drop off earlier than some of the other colors. This guy is ok, nothing too exciting.

Gluttonous Cyclops: I have been happy with this card when I have played it. If you need a big creature to finish the game, he isn't flashy, but will get the job done.

Pensive Minotaur: I am usually not happy about my deck when I have to play a three mana 2/3 with no abilities.

Font of Ire: This isn't a format where I find myself wishing there was a Lava Axe in my deck very often.

Flamespeaker's Will: if you see artifacts from your opponent I would consider boarding this in.

Lightning Diadem: This card is overpriced, but sometimes you may have to run it.

Cyclops of Eternal Fury: it is easy to make yourself believe this guy is reasonable. That being said I have been very underwhelmed by this card, as I don't want to be paying six mana for a three toughness creature.

Rollick of Abandon: This is an overpriced Drown in Sorrow type of effect that most red decks aren't looking for.

Spite of Mogis: It is just hard to get a deck with a ton of high quality instants in sorceries. That being said I have seen a blue/red deck where this was quite good.

Knowledge and Power: I have seen this played, but I wouldn't recommend trying to play it without multiple Sigiled Starfish already.

I plan to continue talking about green and white uncommons and commons, along with rares, artifacts, and multicolored cards next week, if there is interest in that.

Thanks for reading,
Seth Manfield