The weekend was full of reveals and spoilers! 

While the TCG got some first looks at new themes from Phantom Rage - like the greatest theme of all time: Tri-Brigade! - Wight Baking flew under the radar for most. The newest piece of Skull Servant support King of the Skull Servants, it's headed or way in Blazing Vortex, coming to the TCG in February 2021. There's nobody on the planet better suited to explain what makes this card so special, so check out Doug's video to see this 'Hallo-weenie' pick.

Any old school theme support that isn't for Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or Red-Eyes B. Dragon is pretty awesome. Skull Servants are a cool, creep-tacular deck to play, especially in spooky season, and there are some interesting plays you can make with Wightprincess and Torrential Tribute that will horrify your opponents. The new Shaddoll cards coming in the OCG's Selection 10 booster are good additions to the strategy, and if you haven't picked up a playset of all the Shaddoll cards already, you're definitely missing out!

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