The official release of Phantom Rage is less than two weeks away, and it's shaping up to be one of the best sets of the year! PHRA has a ton of new themes, as well as lots of support for older ones, plus Tri-Brigade, the best archetype in the TCG to date (obv!).  

Today, our favorite pack-opening channel has our first look at Phantom Rage boosters, as Doug cracks a full box to satiate the dark passenger in your soul that needs to open packs. Are you ready to un-cage the rage? Then check out the video!

Even though there weren't enough Tri-Brigade cards in this box, it had plenty of fire to pull, including Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder! Now that this is the second core booster set without normal rares, has the change felt better or worse? Let us know on Twitter, and if you still feel the call to open more packs, you can get your very own Phantom Rage Booster box right here on TCGplayer.