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We are one week into the new format, and the speculation is giving way to real tested results. Leon's been going hard trying out some of the format's top prospects, plus a few strategies that were flying under the radar; now he's ready to talk about the decks that performed the best in his test sessions.


Some of the biggest strategies of the last format were untouched by the F&L List, stuff like Dinosaurs and Shaddolls. But how about fringe hits like Cyber Dragons and Mekk-Knights? Or returning classics like Zoodiacs and Sky Strikers? Hit today's video for TheCaliEffect's verdict on those decks and more.



Want to see some of those decks in action? Watch Leon's latest live duel video, as he pits Dinosaurs against Invoked Shaddolls in a competitive back-and-forth that demonstrates one of the format's biggest match-ups.