As players get their hands on Champion's Path packs, they've been trying out some 'wild' ideas to make opening them even more fun!  In today's video, Agile Fox brings an awesome idea for a challenge that anyone can do: the Champion's Path Gym Challenge! Instead of opening packs only to look for 'fancy' Charizards, you can add a bit of a challenge (and also have a perfect reason to buy more booster packs instead of singles!) by using the rules found in the video below:

Alright, now that you've learned the rules from Agile Fox and are ready to take on the first gym, grab your Turffield Gym Pin Collection and see if you can earn that badge alongside Agile Fox this week! Make sure you're stocked up on items as well - it's a long road if you're going to make it to being Champion!

Champion's Path is full of fun cards, especially if you're trying to hunt down some of the powerful Pokemon V or the new, hand-destroying Galarian Obstagoon. This is also a set with new releases coming out over the course of the next few weeks. That means even more promos and pins to hunt down in the coming month! If you were able to defeat all the gyms in Pokemon Sword & Shield, now it's time for the real challenge of collecting all the Gym Pins!