Hello and welcome to another addition of Droppin' Baums. This week we are taking a break from bringing you the most exciting Standard decks of the week and delving into the most chaotic, crazy, and just overall fun format I have ever played. Amy the Amazonian's Play Anything Draft format is unlike any Magic format you have ever witnessed. You start the game with three cards in hand, you don't play any lands in your deck, and everything costs ZERO!

Now at first I thought the best strategy was going to be, just draft the most expensive thing, then proceed to bash your opponent with those giant things! I was deeply mistaken. This format is pretty much Vintage Magic, Danish Magic, and M19 limited thrown into one blast of a format! There is plenty of infinite loops, crazy amount of card advantage, and absolute bombs. Apex of Power is one of those cards that was basically unplayable in M19 Limited. That is not the case in this format. It wins you the game on the spot!

Some games get decided by huge beasts like Bogstomper, while other games come down to playing three Divinations, Blood Divination, four Rhox Oracle, two Totally Lost, and a Cancel to back it up. Fair and balanced format right!? You don't play this format to test your limited knowledge of M19. This is a format you sit down to have an absolute blast for 6-25 hours before they take it away from you! I can honestly tell you I played this format for about seven hours a day. So, for that I say thank you to MTGArena for releasing such a fun format, Amy the Amazonian for creating such a fantastic format, and most importantly, you for watching! Thank you so much and enjoy the madness!