Dinos are back, bay-bee! The Dinosaur-type has a rabid fanbase in theYu-Gi-Oh! TCG; any time they're viable, Dino fans will find a way!Dinosaurs have topped Regionals in places like France,HondurasandNew York, and while Lost World build captured their share of the spotlight,Shaddoll builds may be the best version.

So today TheCaliEffect's showing you his personal build of ShaddollDinosaurs, explaining why the deck's so good in current competition. Howdoes the strategy work? Leon ran a bunch of test hands to show you how themodern Dinosaur deck plays, and demonstrates key moves and clutch combos soyou can hit the ground running and pilot it yourself.

Are Dinosaurs #toostronk this format? Watch today's featured video and findout.

Could Dinosaurs make the leap from Regional success, to a YCS breakthrough this weekend in Pasadena? Let us know what you think, down in the comments.