The more I dive into MTG Arena, the more I like it. Everyone seems to be playing brews (at least where I'm at in the game), and it's been a ton of fun to recapture that feeling on battling your friend on the playground with your new brew from the cards you got over the weekend. It's an extremely refreshing way to play the game, and that's why I've really enjoyed making this series.

Well, that and because Dev from Strictly Better MTG makes some really cool brews.

The concept here is one you might recognize if you've played a lot of Guilds of Ravnica Limited. What happens when you take a creature that can't be blocked by more than one creature (how has this not been keyworded yet?) and then add menace to that creature? Well, it's a lot of words to say "unblockable," but that's exactly what it does and does very well. Whether it's Vigorspore Wurm or Bristling Boar or Hungering Hydra, combine it with Moodmark Painter, Captain's Hook or Glaive of the Guildpact and you have a c-c-c-combo that's perfect from stealing games from the top decks of the format.

I made a couple small changes to Dev's decklist to account for a few cards I was lucky enough to own on the platform, but Dev's original build of the deck can be had for just $10. And for a deck as fun as this one, it's hard to beat that price. Check out his full deck tech and list!