There are some pretty sweet effects in Standard. Things like Exclusion Mage, Militia Bugler and Merfolk Trickster have already proven themselves, while the power of something like Bishop of Binding can't be denied, even if it's unproven thus far in Standard.

So what could be better than playing all of those in the same deck? Making a ton of copies of them with Quasiduplicate, of course! Dev from Strictly Better MTG brewed up this one, and as I've continued to record gameplay with Dev's decks I've been more and more impressed with the power of the budget brews, even if we don't always get there.

While I recorded with 12 rares – and you can certainly win many games that way – this is a deck I would definitely recommend adding Glacial Fortress and soon Hallowed Fountain to as soon as possible. Having better mana would have been huge for us in these games, and it's a fairly straightforward upgrade path that will pay off for years on Magic Arena.

As for Quasiduplicate, I'm not sure if it will catch on in Standard. It's extremely powerful but of course has some built-in weaknesses, which means its inclusion in a deck like this will lead to some games where you feel like you can't lose and others where you know you're going to struggle to ever keep a creature in play. While that's certainly a concern with the deck, it's competitive even with the top of the format despite that, and it's certainly more fun (at least for me) than just playing value creature after value creature after removal spell after removal spell in a deck like Golgari. While decks like that including so many of the "best cards" will always be tough matchups, what I like about this deck is that it's really trying to do something specific. That creates a sort of minigame-within-a-game where you can still have fun even if you end up falling short.

For more details on the deck, check out Dev's full deck tech!

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Corbin Hosler