In an event for the ages, Magic: The Gathering's 2020 Season Grand Finals tournament has been decided! Austin Bursavich, piloting one of the five Omnath Adventure decks in the Top 8, has defeated Aaron Gertler in an Omnath Adventures mirror match.

The results of the playoffs of the 2020 Season Grand Finals, with Bursavich having bested Gertler in the end.

The playoffs for this event, which lasted a total of nearly 10 hours, saw the first three eliminations in the lower bracket knock out Emma Handy and Seth Manfield, who were piloting Gruul Adventures and Dimir Rogues, respectively, and then Autumn Burchett in the next round of the lower bracket. Burchett was also running Gruul Adventures, and when they were eliminated it meant that the five remaining decks, all Omnath Adventures, had to vie against each other for the championship title of the 2020 season.


What resulted was a long series of remarkably similar games between similar decks. Gabriel Nassif's match against Bursavich took quite some time in particular, especially in the first game. It is clear that Omnath Adventures mirror matches are quite drawn-out and grindy, and this tournament showed that with no reprieve, save for the final set of matches.

In the final matchup between Bursavich and Gertler, which consisted of two best-of-three matches, Bursavich won the first match quite efficiently with Gertler getting no wins during those games. Gertler won game two of the second match, but Bursavich made relatively quick work of Gertler in game three.

The takeaway from these playoffs may be that Omnath, Locus of Creation, the card for which the archetype is named in part, is a problem. And anyone who believes so probably isn't wrong, but that seven out of the Top 8 players were running the Adventures deck archetype may be indicative of another issue with the Standard metagame. Wizards of the Coast announced changes to the banned and restricted list impacting Standard, Historic, and Brawl mere hours after the tournament ended.

Along with Omnath, Locus of Creation, some cards in the Adventure archetype at large to watch right now include Lucky Clover, Edgewall Innkeeper, and Escape to the Wilds. We will find out exactly which cards are impacted later today.

Congratulations to Austin Bursavich on taking the title of 2020 Season Grand Finals Champion!