Azorius Aggro (Videos)

This week I'm talking about a linear aggro deck. We saw how this type of deck operates in the videos, it can be super explosive, and just overrun the opponent pretty easily. It swarms the board with lots of threats, and makes them as large as possible. That's the plan game one. Your matchups with Azorius Aggro are often going to depend on how the opponent can interact with your creatures. Here is my list:

This version of the deck actually has very little blue. If there wasn't such little downside for playing blue, then it wouldn't be here. As is, the manabase isn't much worse than just having 20 basic Plains in the deck, and allows you to have access to Negate and Dovin, Grand Arbiter. The deck relies on getting a critical mass of creatures into play on the first couple turns. By the fourth turn of the game you really want to have already established a big board, and found a way to pump up your creatures.

Unbreakable Formation is a nice addition, because it fills the role of both a pump spell, and provides sweeper protection. In order to justify the high density of small creatures, you need cards like Unbreakable Formation, Venerated Loxodon, and Benalish Marshall to boost your squad. These really are the payoff cards, though the one that not all versions play is the Unbreakable Formation.

In this set of games we saw how one-sided matches can often be. Playing a super-aggressive deck like this means accepting that your late-game isn't going to be all that great. You really want to be attacking every turn starting with the second one. If for some reason you reach a point in the game where attacking isn't possible, and you have no convoke effects, things won't go your way most of the time. There are a couple of backbreaking sweeper effects in the format, like Cry of the Carnarium and Find // Finality, but often times you force the opponent into needing a sweeper effect to win.

We should see a healthy amount of Azorius Aggro at the Mythic Championships. It really is Mono-White with a twist. Notably this list doesn't have Tithe Taker, because as I mentioned it is meant to be super aggressive. You really have to make choices at each spot in the curve, this version goes for Adanto Vanguard as the two-drop of choice while a more midrange version might prefer Tithe Taker.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield