If you haven't yet seen the changes to the Banned and Restricted Lists for Legacy and Vintage, you can find them here.

It's an unfortunate circumstance, in my Humblest of opinions, that the Banned List is being shifted away from a way to balance and stabilize a format, toward a device used to stir a stagnant metagame. We've seen this occur in Modern most prominently, though we're also beginning to see these effects leak into the Eternal formats. The lack of rotation of these formats inherently leads to meta stagnation, as the high power level of the best decks tends to Quash the ability of new cards to influence the meta. The exception to this trend is the rare printing of truly powerful cards - as we saw with Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time in this past year.

When a set with a different power paradigm like Battle for Zendikar – unlikely to offer any new tools to change up the older formats – is the new release, there is often a modification to the B&R list accompanying the release to ensure some dynamic variation to the old formats. It hasn't always worked this way, but with the Plateau of power in Legacy and Vintage being higher than ever, and efficiency reigning supreme, the gap between playable and drivel is wider than it has ever been before. If Wizards wants a de-escalation of power in Standard, new sets can't meet the established platform for Eternal. The choices before WotC are then to either shake up the format via banning, or to risk a boring and solved Eternal metagame. Neither option is ideal. While I can appreciate their dilemma, it still feels like they've taken the easy way out.

This week, in an effort to digest the Banned and Restricted List updates, I've teamed up with Jon Corpora (of 52 FNMs fame) to form a power duo the likes of which has never been seen. We've put our reactions to the changes into podcast form, in a new feature we're calling The B&R Cast – which we hope to make a staple moving forward. Each round of banned and restricted announcements comes with a host of opinions and impacts – whether there are actually changes to the lists or not – and neither of us shy away from providing you with hot takes. We're excited to share this first 'cast with all of you!

Both Jon and I have experience in participating in podcasts, but neither of us have run one ourselves; please let us know what you think of the 'cast, and if you have suggestions that can help us improve it for you moving forward. We want to provide the best listening experience possible, so feedback is essential!

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed!

Jon on Twitter: @feb31st
Adam on Twitter: @AdamNightmare
The blog post discussed in the podcast: http://neverdraftingagain.blogspot.com/2015/09/some-thoughts-about-lantern-control-in.html