Along with many players I am ready for Bant Company to leave Standard, but that doesn't mean the deck can't be fun to try out in Modern! There are a ton of Bant creatures to choose from and I'm sure I left out some fan favorites, but this is the particular build I'm into:


There are actually not that many midrange decks in Modern outside of the black/green-based strategies. The reason for this is it is important to be able to disrupt your opponent as well as have a good enough lategame to feel advantaged against the majority of decks. Since the midrange decks don't win too quickly you do need some ways to feel advantaged as the game progresses. Collected Company is a card that has already made a splash in Modern, but here, it's not enabling a combo — it's just a very powerful card.

It may seem weird to be playing cards like Reflector Mage or Sunlance in Modern, but most decks in the format have creatures in them, and it is important to have ways to disrupt the opponent's gameplan. Without disruptive cards we are playing way too fair in a format where we can lose quite easily in the first few turns of the game.

Noble Hierarch is important because it enables the deck to execute its game plan a turn ahead of schedule. Noble Hierarch sees play in a ton of different decks but here it truly is at its absolute best.

The games can play out in weird ways with this deck. It certainly could be that this list isn't perfect, as I didn't really collaborate with too many others while putting it together. There will be games where you have a draw that just doesn't seem strong enough for Modern, but then there will be other times where a third turn Collected Company is cast and you don't need to do much in order to run away with the game. A lot of the matchups come down to drawing specific cards, or being able to Collected Company into those cards. The sideboard really is very versatile and it is the type of sideboard that is great for this type of midrange deck, as there are so many different options to choose from.

The games on Magic Online didn't come as too much of a surprise as we won the good matchup and lost against the two bad ones. Sometimes this is just how Modern goes. Goryo's Vengeance is definitely one of the most difficult cards to answer for the Bant Company deck, especially when it involves a hasty Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Game two of this match was extremely peculiar but I stand behind the line of choosing not to cast the Rest in Peace to keep the Tarmogoyf big.

Merfolk is another tough matchup. Traditionally Merfolk is at its best against the fair decks of the format, and this is more or less the definition of a fair deck. Also, needing to fetch for islands doesn't help against the islandwalking lords. With that said the sideboard does give us a bit more help, but overall it is tough to beat Merfolk. Burn on the other hand is normally pretty easy. If they have a great start on the play that can be tough, but normally the Burn deck is put into a spot where they need to draw Burn spells that also get around an active Spellskite, and there aren't that many of them which do that. I'm looking forward to continuing to play and tweak this deck moving forward.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield