So back by popular demand is Modern Bant Superfriends and another favorite: my "Gods of Bant" deck. I've been getting messages and seeing people's comments saying they want to see these decks again. Well folks, I've heard your voices and I'm ushering in some updated decklists for all of you. I will say that I don't believe these decks are fully optimized, but I feel that way about basically any deck that's not 100% established in the metagame. They are, however, better than their last iteration and I've been doing well with them on Magic Online and in paper testing. I hope you enjoy these decks as much as I do. Let's go ahead and jump in shall we?

So this is the original list we are working with today. It's what I top 8ed with and obviously what I worked on!


Nothing too fancy really, it was a fine deck that played mostly fair until it combed off and killed you with infinite turns. Sometimes though I felt like some of the walkers weren't carrying their weight and they were so difficult to protect. Not only that, but Time Warp and Savor the Moment could rot in your hand without a walker in play or you could just draw them too soon and you're kinda forced to play Savor the Moment as a bad Explore. Nothing really wrong with playing Savor the Moment as a bad explore, but it's just so slow and doesn't work well if you don't have more land to play. You really want to sand bag the Savor the Moment for when you have planeswalkers, but some decks in Modern don't give you that luxury at all. I wasn't a fan of that card and some other cards. Let's get to the new list first and I'll explain the differences and why I did what I did.


So what's the difference?

+1 Doubling Season
+2 Fog
+1 Land
+4 Lingering Souls

-1 Cryptic Command
-2 Dawn Charm
-2 Savor the Moment
-2 Sleight of Hand
-1 Time Warp


Fog: Went back to Fog because it was the mode I was choosing most with Dawn Charm and a one mana Fog is much better than a two mana Fog. Being able to play Garruk on turn four or Narset (or any walker) one turn later with a one mana protection spell for all our walkers is huge and very powerful. Even against the decks where you think it's awful it's not too bad, like against Splinter Twin decks. It can still buy you a turn and give you a chance to kill or lock down that Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite. It's still not amazing here, but at least it does something.

Lingering Souls: This card has been amazing, I can't stress how awesome it's been. It can be a pseudo Moment's Peace that can also attack your opponent. It's good against Liliana of the Veil which was a problem for the deck game one. The card is spectacular with Doubling Season giving you an army of spirits that will quickly overwhelm your opponents. Last but not least, it gives you another "combo" in the deck with Garruk Wildspeaker. I've won games where I cast Lingering Souls and flashed it back with a Garruk in play and Threaten lethal next turn because of Garruk's Overrun ability. This happens a lot more than the combo with Time Warp, plus Venser, the Sojourner, plus Eternal Witness. This card has been the best inclusion for the deck and makes this deck a lot more powerful. Wish I had played it earlier honestly.

Another land: I decided to go up one more land because I didn't want to count Ghost Quarter as a land and because we are now splashing black. Having more land can also help you with mulligans, which this deck isn't the best at. Trimming some heavier mana intensive cards, adding another land, and cutting cards that durdle has helped a lot with that fortunately.

Doubling Season: This was a replacement for one Time Warp and I haven't looked back. This is not only a sweet card; it's fantastic in the deck. It does so much more than making your planeswalkers ultimate right away. It also doubles the tokens from Lingering Souls, Garruk Wildspeaker, and Timely Reinforcements out of the board. And it gives you another "I win" combo when you play Jace, Architect of Thought and ultimate him getting the best card in your opponent's deck and another Jace out of yours. You then do it again. I usually get a Time Warp to kill them or another planeswalker to ultimate and end the game. Unlike Time Warp, you can just jam this right away when you have five mana and Threaten to take over the game next turn. Another thing to note: if your opponent brings in enchantment hate for this card then you're already winning because you only play one and they will most likely just be stuck with dead cards in their hand. This card has been fantastic!

To make room for all these cards we removed Cryptic Command, which has been hard to cast anyway and didn't really feel like it belonged in the deck. Dawn Charm because I just used the Fog mode most games. Savor the Moment because it wasn't doing enough and we have enough "durdly" cards in the deck. Sleight of Hand and Time Warp have been cut too for more action cards that have more of an impact on the game by themselves. Having four Serum Visions is enough and while I'm not a fan of Serum Visions, I think it's still needed to smooth things out. We also have Hinterland Harbor and Glacial Fortress to play around Choke a little and I also think the cards are fine on their own. Feel free to cut them for Flooded Strands if you want more fetches.

The sideboard isn't set in stone either so feel free to switch that around as you see fit. One thing I keep adding to the board and cutting is Supreme Verdict. If you think the fair midrange decks or Merfolk will be popular, feel free to add it to the board.

I love me some GR Tron, but this walker deck is so much more fun to play!

Another deck that I've been getting a lot of requests for is my "Gods of Bant" deck that I made earlier in the year; it was kinda of like a Turbo Fog deck and a Control deck mashed together. Here was the old list.


As you can see it was basically a controllish style deck that fogged, wrathed, countered spells, played Gods, and drew a lot of cards. It was honestly pretty good at the time but it struggled against hyper aggressive monored style decks since they could get under your countermagic and could kill you before you could Fated Retribution. The updated version is currently better against the current field and I've been having success with it. Let's look at the updated version.


I have no idea what to call this deck, because it's kinda a Turbo Fog deck, but it's also a control deck? We've also cut most of the Gods too. I'll just leave that up to Frank to name...have fun Frank!

The new version is packing the full set of End Hostilities because creatures are everywhere now! And honestly you are pretty favored against the control decks, especially after game one when you can go up to the full number of Negates and the full set of Grindclocks. This deck also turns off practically all creature removal spells since you don't really play any creatures. If someone wants to kill your Resolute Archangel after you've gained over ten life, then by my guest.

The deck functions as an answer deck. Which means it basically just tries to answer everything your opponent is doing. We don't play any planeswalkers because we want to abuse the full value of Fated Retribution. Keep in mind you almost never Fated Retribution on your main phase. It's usually just used during your opponent's combat step or at their end of turn. Just keep in mind Whisperwood Elemental if they have one out. Honestly that card is only scary if they get it out quickly. Otherwise you can counter it late game or stall long enough to set up Fated Retribution and End Hostilities. You can also set up End Hostilities plus Winds of Qal Sisma and follow it up with another End Hostilities next turn.

Keep in mind what you're exiling when you Dig Through Time because we also have Bow of Nylea in the deck to bring cards back into our library. Those cards are usually Counterspells, Winds of Qal Sisma, or the Resolute Archangel. Don't forget to shuffle your library with a fetch land after you put some needed cards back into your deck because you want to draw them sooner rather than very late in the game, especially when it comes to Dissolve and Winds of Qal Sisma.

In the sideboard you have at least six cards to bring in against red decks and more cards to bring in against controllish decks. Honestly I just bring in the extra Grindclocks against control decks with countermagic. Otherwise I just stick to the one clock, one Thassa, God of the Sea, and the Bow of Nylea to beat my opponents. If Abzan aggro gets more popular we can add another Radiant Purge to the board. But for now I think we are fine.

I really hope you enjoy these decks as much as I have enjoyed building and tweaking them. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to see an update to an old deck of mine just comment below and I'll see what I can do. I write for you guys and gals and I want you to enjoy reading my articles and get what you want from them.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,