The entire set list for Battles of Legend: Armageddon was released on Friday, including some big surprises like Starlight Rare versions of the Astral language Number 39: Utopia we've seen before in the OCG, as well as the commemorative monster card Ten Thousand Dragon, created to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG's arrival at ten thousand unique cards. With two incredible marquee cards for collector's as the obvious chases, that leaves 92 more cards in the set, many of which are reprints... some never reprinted before. 

In today's featured video, Doug looks at those reprints and spotlights his personal favorites. With reprints like Invocation and Madolche Anjelly there's a lot to love, but the Battles of Legend legacy carries super-high expectations. See how the set measures up. 

Where does Armgeddon fall in the Battles of Legend hierarchy? For now it's a bit of a tossup, but the set arrives in just twelve days, next Friday on July 24. Opinions are sure to take shape as we get closer to the release date.