Lately I've been talking a lot about all the landmines that tournament Magic has to offer. Up to now I've focused on the in-game aspects, but there's much more to Magic, even at the local level, than the games played.

Getting ripped off in trades when you're new to the game is basically a rite of passage. Ask any player who's been in the game for a substantial amount of time about when they got ripped off trading back when they were first starting out. If they say they can't remember, they're lying.

Magic has a lot of landmines to navigate.Sometimes those landmines are other people. The Challenger Decks are a way to circumvent the pitfalls of the gameplay portion of being a novice. At TCGplayer we think we've got something that not only helps beginners, but will help players of all levels stay on top of the ebbs and flows of the market.

I personally got to share the TCGplayer app at PAX Unplugged last fall with folks that came up to our booth. I came in with no expectations, armed only with belief that our app is practical, helpful, and sweet—all in equal measure. And people loved it! Players of every experience level got to try out our app, and I got to throw cards all over our booth while people scanned as many as they could in 10 seconds. Win-win.

When we launched the app last year, you could mess around with the condition, language and expansion of the cards you've scanned. Since PAX Unplugged, our dev team had added even more bells and whistles to the app, including a robust detail view that lets you toggle between five price points (market price, TCG mid, TCG low, TCG Direct low, and Trade-In high), see a high-res scan of the card to double check what you have, get rules text so you can confirm what your buddy says a card does in Commander, and add a scanned Magic card to an order or a TCGplayer Trade-In offer.

That's all just a roundabout way of saying "you can go down to your shop, crack a pack of Masters 25, open a Jace, the Mind Sculptor, scan it with our app, and get the best price data for it, all in the span of roughly a minute. Oh and by the way, the app is free."

The future is here, and it rules. Download the TCGplayer App today.

Jon Corpora
(pronounced ca-pora)