It's that time again! While it seems like we've been getting new product and new cards by the boatloads nowadays, one of the mainstays of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is the 100-card booster set that generally gets released once every three months. These sets will have 80 cards in the main set, ten World Premiere cards that aren't in the OCG's set and ten more that were previously released in Japan through other means like magazine promos. New booster sets introduce new themes and give support to current ones, but can also produce a slew of questions about how these new cards work.

This week on Black and White: A quick rundown on Secrets of Eternity, going over some of the more complicated or asked about cards in the set, plus some of my observations on a few of the effects.

The Monsters
First up, Dragoons of Draconia's pendulum effect is fairly straightforward, but it's a Fire monster with 200 DEF. More Rekindling monsters is always a good thing for those of us that like Rekindling (and why wouldn't you.)

Since Performapal Fire Mufflerlion's monster effect activates after damage calculation, you won't be able to save a monster from being destroyed by battle if that monster is going to lose by 100 ATK. That is pretty situational, yes, but I can definitely see that question being asked.

Performapal Partanaga's monster effect prevents Level 5 and lower monsters from attacking. Gravity Bind says Level 4 and higher monsters can't attack. Put them together and all monsters with Levels can't attack. Seems good!

Performapal Friendonkey's effect doesn't target the monster you want to Special Summon as the text lacks the word "target". Card with Problem-Solving Card Text (printed after July 2011) will use the word "target" if an effect targets and will not use the word if it doesn't target.

Since Performapal Stamp Turtle's ability says to increase "their" Levels by 1 and not "all of their" Levels, you don't need all of the targets to stay on the field, just do as much as you can.

#####CARDID= 17802 #####

When I first saw Performapal Trump Witch's monster effect, I was really excited because "hey, it's a Pendulum Monster! When you Tribute it, it goes to the Extra Deck and you can Pendulum Summon it again and do the effect again! This is wonderful!" And then I realized Trump Witch is Level 1 and there's currently no way to have a Pendulum Scale 0. So that effect only works once for now. If you want to Fusion Summon, the Pendulum Effect is better for that as it's actually reusable.

Trump Witch's Pendulum Effect is an ignition effect, so it can only be activated in a Main Phase. The anime version of Performapal Trump Witch can be activated in the Battle Phase, which is obviously way better, but in the TCG it's a Main Phase effect. I'm sad too. And lastly, our current understanding is that Pendulum cards in a Pendulum Zone act similarly to Continuous, Field and Equip cards: if a Pendulum card in a Pendulum Zone isn't face-up on the field when the effect resolves, the effect won't resolve. That's one drawback between using the Pendulum Effect and using a Spell Card like Polymerization instead; Mystical Space Typhoon stops Trump Witch, but not Polymerization.

Raidraptor – Vanishing Lanius is currently the only Main Deck Raidraptor monster, so its effect can only work on another copy of itself for now, but considering there's also the Spell Raidraptor – Nest that can add Raidraptors from deck to hand, we'll be getting more in the future.

The Infernoids are a new family of monsters that can't be Normal Summoned or Set. The only way to Special Summon these guys is to banish a certain number of other Infernoids from your hand or graveyard in any combination while the Level and Ranks of the monsters you control don't exceed 8. They all have an effect that lets you tribute a monster to banish a card in the opponent's graveyard, essentially fueling another Infernoid summon later on. Specifically speaking about Infernoid Onuncu, it can only negate spells and traps. If it was meant to negate the activation of monster effects, the card would explicitly say "monster effect".

Qliphort support in Secrets of Eternity takes the form of "dudes you Tribute Summon" and "the other Normal Pendulum scale to complement Qliphort Scout." The issues I see most often with Qliphorts come in two cards: Qliphort Stealth and Re-qliate, which I'll discuss later. When you Tribute Summon Stealth, you bounce a card on the field to the hand, and your opponent can't respond to that effect. The most common question regarding Stealth is "if I tribute Qliphort Helix or Qliphort Carrier to Tribute Summon Qliphort Stealth, how is the chain formed?" As we understand it, monster effects that trigger first must be placed on the chain first. You could add Carrier and Helix's effects in an order of your choosing, then Stealth would go after those as the last chain link. And since your opponent can't respond to Stealth, you've effectively protected your other effects from negation too. Nifty.

Not rules related at all, but I like Satellarknight Rigel because it's an on-theme answer to Thunder King Rai-Oh.

#####CARDID= 17817 #####

For those who noticed that Dance Princess of the Nekroz has a misspelling, you're not the only one. If you're wondering if that affects how the card works, it doesn't. It's obvious from the context what the intended spelling was. "You can target 1 of your banished "Necroz" monsters, except Dance Princess of the Nekroz; add it to your hand." Considering that Dance Princess of the Nekroz can't possibly be a "Necroz" monster, there would be no reason to add that exception unless "Necroz" was a typo. Please treat the word "Necroz" in this effect as "Nekroz."

Morphtronic Smartfon has to first be Special Summoned by banishing a Morphtronic monster from your graveyard. I think this restriction only exists to finally justify Morphtronic Celfon's first effect.

I'm kinda glad that Konami didn't try to "clean up" Stellarknight Constellar Diamond's name to "Constellarknight Diamond" even though it would have worked in English. In other languages, the name wasn't combined because the words for "Stellarknight" and "Constellar" don't share common strings or letters, so to make English the exception just because would've a) made things inconsistent and b) people would still ask if the monster counted as both a Stellarknight and a Constellar. Stellarknight Constellar Diamond is unambiguously both themes at the same time.

The Spells And Traps
Even though it lacks the text "once per turn", Void Expansion only triggers once per turn. It works similarly to the Lightsworn End Phase effects: do them once in the phase and that's it.

Nephe Shaddoll Fusion can equip to any Shaddoll monster on the field, not just yours, but when performing the Fusion Summon, the equipped monster has to be one you control since the card says "using monster you control including the equipped monster." The equipped monster must be among the monsters you control to activate the effect.

A Wild Monster Appears! lets you bring out a big monster without having to jump through the hoops you'd normally have to, but there are some catches. The monster's original level has to be 10 or less, so no Cost Down or Star Blast shenanigans to get Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth down from Level 11.

So Re-qliate is… complicated.

Let's first go over what we know.

- Continuous Traps don't apply their continuous effects until the card resolves. So if you activate this card even you don't control another Qli card, it won't send itself to the graveyard until Re-qliate resolves, which is problematic because…

- Continuous Traps can be flipped up and have their effects be activated as the same chain link. Meaning Re-qliate can be flipped-up and activated when a Normal Monster is Normal or Flip Summoned even if there are no other Qli cards in play, and

- Continuous Spells and Traps, Equip Spells and Field Spells that aren't on the field when they resolve will resolve without effect.

So, what happens when a Level 4 or lower monster is Normal or Flip Summoned, Re-qliate is activated using the appropriate effect, and resolves with no other Qli cards under the player's control? I sent an e-mail to rules, I'll edit in the answer here when I get it. In the meantime, ask your Head Judge how they're going to interpret this.

Unpossessed should probably have the word Charmer with quotation marks, as that's the usual convention for looking for specific words in a card's name.

#####CARDID= 17760 #####

Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss banishes a monster when it's sent to the graveyard. It doesn't specify if the monster should be banished face-up like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning does, so the target is banished however the monster was on the field; if it was face-down on the field, it gets banished face-down so the opponent doesn't get to see it. It also returns to the field in the same position as it was before it was banished.

The other World Premiere cards and OCG imports are fairly straightforward, but if you have any questions about any of the cards from Secrets of Eternity, game mechanics, card interactions or tournament policy, send me an e-mail (one question per e-mail please!) to and your question could be answered in a future Court of Appeals!

-Joe Frankino