It looks like black-green decks are back in action! These two colors have picked up a lot of new tools from Guilds of Ravnica. In fact, there are so many strong cards that we have seen a ton of different decklists finding success. This version is a more typical midrange version that looks to take over later in the game with planeswalkers and Golgari Findbroker.

The eight explore creatures – Merfolk Branchwalker and Jadelight Ranger – are cards we should expect to see a lot of in Standard. These cards are early threats that can provide card advantage and put cards in the graveyard, which is exactly what the deck wants. Some versions lean harder on Wildgrowth Walker, but here we just have the one in the sideboard. Vraska, Golgari Queen can kill a threat right away and then start producing a lot of card advantage, and I find myself normally having a permanent I'm willing to sacrifice in exchange for a card.

Assassin's Trophy gives you a catchall, so the deck isn't worried about any one card the opponent might put into play. The deck plays other forms of card advantage, so we are willing to give a bit of it back in exchange for a premium removal spell like this. The deck may not seem that removal-dense, but when you look closer a lot of the cards are actually forms of removal. Both Ravenous Chupacabra and Plaguecrafter are removal spells in the form of a creature, and the planeswalkers all can be used for removal as well.

The deck did exactly what I expected it to in the matches we played. This is the type of deck that isn't trying to win right away but instead wants to take over in the lategame. The matchups where the opponent actually had a better lategame were the problems. Izoni, Thousand-Eyed is a mirror-breaker that was quite frustrating to play against. However, when this deck gets to trade off with individual cards the opponent presents, it is going to come out ahead.

The metagame hasn't fully settled down. At the moment, there is an uptick in black-green decks, and not as many Goblin Chainwhirlers as some players were expecting. We will see if the trend continues. Find // Finality is a card I'm looking to make room for in this particular list, though as I mentioned earlier there are so many strong options it can be difficult to know what to cut. Overall, this is a deck – or at least an archetype if not this exact list – I would recommend trying, as the games are very fun to play as the games go long and can be quite interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield