Today I'm going to try something a little different. Instead of recording my matches live while attempting to provide commentary as the match plays out, I'm going to talk through the replays of my Magic Online Championship Series qualifier tournament matches. Using this method, the games go faster, there is less dead air space and I'm able to provide better commentary because I'm not trying to think about plays while simultaneously talking about them to my audience. I'm also able to pause the game state and discuss what's happening and what I'm thinking about whenever appropriate to provide you with the most useful instructional content possible. I personally prefer this method as a content producer and as a content consumer, even though it's a little extra work for me as a producer. I'd appreciate feedback in the comments concerning this new method I'm experimenting with.

Blue-Black Midrange decks have been on the rise lately and this is basically a similar style of deck but with red for Glorybringer instead of blue for The Scarab God. While the deck has the ability to curve out with creatures (Gifted Aetherborn into Pia Nalaar into Gonti, Lord of Luxury into Glorybringer), it is just as happy to curve out with spells (Fatal Push into Abrade into Doomfall into Vraska's Contempt into Glorybringer). A lot of its cards produce card advantage, which means over time those incremental advantages will add up to a heavily advantaged game state. Most of the cards in the deck are also able to trade for an opponent's resource, whether it's an opposing creature, planeswalker, artifact, land, or card in hand. Depending on the matchup, it also has the ability to sideboard into a deck that has the optimal mix of disruptive spells for the matchup.

Against the control decks we get to replace Fatal Push with Duress and some of our other creature removal spells with Arguel's Blood Fast. We thus turn into a deck with eight hand disruption spells (four Duress + four Doomfall) backed by three cards draw engines and a Liliana, Death's Majesty. Against the White-Blue Approach of the Second Sun decks we also get Lost Legacy to take out their namesake card. I also like bringing that card in against tokens strategies to name Anointed Procession.

Against aggressive decks we get to replace the singleton copies of main deck Duress and Arguel's Blood Fast along with some of the slower spells such as Doomfall with cheap and efficient removal spells in the form of Abrade, Chandra's Defeat, and Fiery Cannonade. Fiery Cannonade is also a reasonable card to bring in against token strategies, but is especially potent against the red and black aggro decks.

Scavenger Grounds is a solid addition against control decks, Esper Gift decks, and anyone that relies on the graveyard for utility. Abrade can be a great efficient removal spell against aggro decks but can also be a great answer to Gift of the God-Pharaoh. It also gives us another answer to Heart of Kiran and Aethersphere Harvester against the Vehicles decks while also being able to kill any other threat in their deck outside of Hazoret, the Fervent.

Moving forward, I would replace Kari Zev, Skyship Raider and the main deck Arguel's Blood Fast with the fourth Walking Ballista and a second copy of Fiery Cannonade. The sideboard I would leave the same.

After you watch the videos, please leave feedback about the new method I am trying or if you have any questions about the deck. Now I will leave you with this interaction from one of my practice matches with this deck:

— Craig Wescoe (@Brimaz4Life) October 21, 2017

Craig Wescoe