As Jason mentioned a few days ago, The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack absolutely shattered the top 10 charts on its release. While the set isn't a full 100-card booster release, there are plenty of questions about the new cards. This week on Black and White: The FAQ rundown for 53 new cards in The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack.

I wrote all about Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the official strategy site. You can read about it here.

Kaiser Vorse Raider's ATK boost is permanent as long as it's face-up on the field and its effect isn't negated. If its effect is negated even after the boost resolves, the ATK boosts will go away.

Assault Wyvern doesn't have to send the monster to the graveyard for its effect to activate. Take note of the lack of the word "target" in the Special Summon ability. You don't pick the monster you want to Summon until the effect resolves, which is important because if your opponent wants to chain a negation effect like Solemn Strike, they must do so before knowing what monster you intend to Summon.

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon is the only monster in the game so far that inflicts double piercing damage. Piercing through a Defense Position Maiden with Eyes of Blue, would normally inflict 4000 damage (4000 minus 0), but Chaos MAX's effect will double that number to make it 8000 piercing Battle Damage! It can only be Special Summoned by Ritual Summon, so your best bet is Chaos Form or Advanced Ritual Art, but because Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon is a Dragon, you can also use Odd-Eyes Advent to Ritual Summon one out of the graveyard.


While Chaos Form and Advanced Ritual Art require exact levels for the Tribute, Odd-Eyes Advent does not, and you can also use Odd-Eyes monsters from your Extra Deck if you control no monsters and your opponent controls two or more.

Deep-Eyes White Dragon's activation condition seems redundant at first because if a Dragon is destroyed there has to be at least one in the graveyard, but this clause is in place in case a Dragon is destroyed but not sent to the graveyard. Bottomless Trap Hole and Macro Cosmos could make this happen.

Pandemic Dragon's text says "Once per turn:" instead of "You can only activate the effect of… once per turn." If you have multiple Pandemic Dragons, you can use this effect once for each one.

Dragon's Fighting Spirit makes the target gain additional attacks. It doesn't set the number of attacks to a specific amount like Shooting Star Dragon does.

Both of Induced Explosion's effects say "when" a card is destroyed. This means the cards being destroyed must be the last thing to happen in order for the activation condition to be correct. See the "if vs. when" rules insert for more info.

If you're in the habit of shuffling your hand when you draw cards, you're going to need to retrain yourself if you decide to use Counter Gate. Since only the drawn card can be Normal Summoned, you can't add the card to your hand and shuffle, otherwise there will be no way to confirm what card you drew with Counter Gate. The Normal Summon from Counter Gate's effect can be negated by a card effect if Counter Gate was chain link 1. If it was chain link 2 or higher, you'd be unable to negate the Summon since cards and effects can't be activated in the middle of a resolving chain.

Krystal Avatar's ATK is always equal to your current LP, so if you have a way of increasing your own LP, you can make your Krystal Avatar progressively bigger as needed.

Face-down monsters are not Rock monsters, so if you control a face-down monster, you can't activate the effect of Sentry Soldier of Stone.

Marshmacaron's effect can only be used once per turn across all copies of Marshmacaron, but if you can keep one on the field, you can keep Summoning the other two on subsequent turns.

Berry Magician Girl's Special Summon effect doesn't force the attack target to change, so a replay would occur after her effect resolves. Apple Magician Girl, Chocolate Magician Girl and Lemon Magician Girl each have an effect that Special Summons another monster and switches the attack target to the Summoned monster. A replay doesn't occur in these cases since the new target is being selected for you.

Silver Gadget and Gold Gadget have very similarly worded effects. Each one has a "When… you can" Summon effect just like Red, Yellow and Green Gadget. Keep in mind that because the abilities say "when", you have to be careful with how you build and resolve chain links. Remember, "when" optional effects can only be activated if the activation condition is the last thing to happen. For actions that don't use the chain (like a Normal Summon or a Pendulum Summon), it's simply that action. In a chain, the "last thing to happen" is usually whatever resolved as chain link 1.


As an example, if you were to Soul Charge a Silver Gadget and a Gold Gadget, you could activate both of their Special Summon effects and play a Red Gadget and a Green Gadget from your hand, but when the chain resolves, only the Gadget you Special Summon as chain link 1 can activate its search effect.

Dark Magic Veil doesn't target since it's text doesn't use the word target.

Giving your opponent a Spell Card happens when Magical Contract Door resolves, not as a cost. This makes the card just a smidge above unplayable.

No ruling notes for Dimension Reflector, but I feel like this card will be a game-ender that will also end friendships.

Dig of Destiny counts all copies of Dig of Destiny in the graveyard when it resolves. Great things happen when your opponent uses Twin Twisters and hits two copies of Dig of Destiny: each copy counts all copies in the graveyard, meaning you'll draw a total of 4 or even 6 cards when the chain completely resolves, and that's a-ok.

Dimension Guardian feels like a great card for a Sealed environment. Like, just a really good utility card.

Dimension Mirage doesn't say "once per turn" anywhere. As long as you have monsters in your graveyard to banish and a monster that isn't being destroyed by battle, you can force your opponent's monster to repeatedly attack. To what end? Something-something Canyon and Stone Statue of the Aztecs? And D2 Shield?

Magician's Defense includes the text "You cannot halve the same damage twice this way", so multiple Magician's Defense won't reduce the damage further. A few cards that double damage like Stone Statue of the Aztecs and Canyon used to have a ruling that specifically said the damage doesn't double twice, so this text isn't exactly the first time we've seen this. Also, this card makes me want to rebuild Fortune Ladies and someone somewhere is shaking their head in disapproval.

Metalhold the Moving Blockade Special Summons itself then equips the targets, which means you need to have an open Monster Zone in order to activate Metalhold in the first place.

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon can be Special Summoned out of the graveyard as long as it was properly Special Summoned by its own method first. If a previously-Summoned Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon returns to the hand – with The White Stone of Ancients, for example), you'll have to once again Special Summon it again by its own method to satisfy the "must first be Special Summoned" condition.


Gandora-X the Dragon of Demolition is the upgraded version of Gandora the Dragon of Destruction. The new version can be Special Summoned where the previous one could not, and it's guaranteed to stick around after the turn ends. You just have to lose half of your LP during each of your End Phases. That's all. It's not considered damage and it's not a cost. It's just your Life Points going down.

Celtic Guard of Noble Arms has a limited amount of synergy with the Noble Knight strategy but it's not comprehensive since most of the Noble Knight cards can only interact with Noble Arms Equip Spells. There are a few exceptions, but take note of each card's text to see if it wants a "Noble Arms" card or a "Noble Arms" Equip Spell.

Palladium Oracle Mahad's effect can be activated only when it's drawn from a card effect that was the last thing to happen. This is because of "if vs. when"

If you have any questions about the cards in The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack, other card interactions, tournament policies or game mechanics, send me an e-mail (one question per e-mail please) to and your question could be answered in a future edition of Court of Appeals!

-Joe Frankino

Joe is a Yu-Gi-Oh! judge and player from Long Island, New York. He once saw a Fortune Lady deck steal a win in time thanks to shenanigans from Future Visions, Fortune Lady Light and Fortune Lady Earth.