With smaller releases like High-Speed Riders and a Forbidden & Limited List update, you might forget that we still get regular core set booster packs every three months. The latest set, Dimension of Chaos, went TCG legal two weeks ago and has already had a direct impact on most metagames around the world. But it brings with it a fair amount of confusion as to how some of the cards actually work. And just weeks after that, we get the first wave of holiday products with Yugi's Legendary Decks containing a whole bunch of reprints and a few new cards.

This week on Black and White: we go over the most asked-about cards in Dimension of Chaos and the newest revisions in Yugi's Legendary Decks!

Getting Right To The Point
Usually I go down the list by card number order as it's most convenient for me to write things out that way as I scroll down the card database page. This time I want to address two cards that have brought up the most questions.

Kozmo Strawman has two effects. Its ignition effect pays 500 LP as a cost and targets a banished Kozmo which gets Special Summoned with its effects negated. The second effect requires you to banish the Strawman itself to Special Summon a Level 3 or higher Kozmo monster from your hand. You can activate the first effect then chain the second if you want, but Strawman's location when it resolves doesn't affect how the card works. The monster Special Summoned by Strawman's ignition effect will have its effect negated and will be destroyed in the End Phase even if Strawman isn't on the field when Strawman's effect resolves.

#####CARDID= 19164 #####

Performage Plushfire's Pendulum Effect is straight-forward. While the monster effect looks straight-forward but there's a subtle way how its effect activates.

When Plushfire's destroyed while in a Pendulum Zone, it goes to the Extra Deck instead of the graveyard, because that's what Pendulum Monsters do. When it's in the Extra Deck, it's considered a monster card, not a spell. So the monster effect will activate when it's destroyed from a Pendulum Zone.

If you're not convinced, you can take a look at two separate cards to see how different phrases mean different things: first, check out Zefrainu, Secret of the Yang Zing. It specifically says "destroyed by a card effect while in your Monster Zone" while Deskbot 006's monster effect specifically says "if this card in the Pendulum Zone is destroyed." If Performage Plushfire's ability required it to be destroyed while it's a monster, the text would say so. But since it only says "destroyed by a card effect," you'll get a Special Summon out of it.

The Black Luster Soldier Block
Cards like Gaia The Fierce Knight' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Charging Gaia The Fierce Knight">Charging Gaia The Fierce Knight make mention of "a 'Black Luster Soldier' monster." When you see card text mentioning "whatever" monster or "something" card, it's a shortcut for "monster with 'whatever' in its name" and "card with 'something' in its name."

That's important because the phrase "'Black Luster Soldier' monster" means any monster whose name contains the words "Black Luster Soldier." That includes the original Ritual Monster, the effect monsters that require you to banish Light and Dark monsters from your graveyard to Summon, and the new Black Luster Soldier – Super Soldier Ritual Monster. But, if something says it only works on "Black Luster Soldier" – like the original Black Luster Ritual – then it only works on the card specifically named "Black Luster Soldier."

The Rest Of The Set
The Gradyle Effect Monsters all have "if… you can" optional effects, so they can activate after the current chain if their requirements have been met. If a Graydle's equipped to a monster, and that monster's turned face-down by a card effect, the Graydle stops being equipped to the monster, so the destruction effect won't apply.

Fluffal Wings has a whole bunch of conditions on it, but assuming you could do everything the card tells you, that's two draws from Fluffal Wings plus you can also trigger Toy Vendor's search effect afterwards, since it's an "if" optional effect. That's three more cards in your hand than what you started with, which is at least worth a look.

Raidraptor - Skull Eagle's "if detached" effect activates after the current chain resolves, not in the middle of the chain where it gets detached.

Vector Pendulum the Dracoverlord's text says "negate all card effects in your opponent's Pendulum Zones." What's ironic is that some of those cards say "this effect can't be negated." Oops. Those can't be negated with Vector Pendulum.

#####CARDID= 19100 #####

Majespecters all have effects that activate "when" they're Normal or Special Summoned. Take not of the differences between "if… you can" and "when… you can." I'll make a special mention for Majespecter Cat - Nekomata as its ability works a Little Differently than other effects that add cards from deck to hand. Cat searches a card in the End Phase but the effect doesn't activate in the End Phase. Instead, as long as the effect resolves at the point of Nekomata's Summon, you'll get the search as an action that doesn't use the chain during the End Phase. If you're confused by that, think of it like Mind Control giving back the monster in the End Phase; it doesn't use the chain, it just happens. Same thing here for Nekomata.

Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend doesn't say you can't attack the turn you use its effect. That's busted.

As Jason alluded to in his Giant Set Review, you can play around Shuffle Reborn's various conditions if you just can't do them in the End Phase. Play out your hand or use the Summoned monster to get it off the field and you won't lose them to Shuffle Reborn later on.

Grand Horn of Heaven, as the card says, works on a Summon of multiple monsters. Most people seem to get that. But the confusing part is ending the current phase. The common question I'm seeing is "can you enter the Battle Phase with no monsters on the field?" The answer has always been yes. You don't need to control any monsters to go into the Battle Phase.

Kozmoll Wickedwitch seems to spark the same questions that Nekroz of Gungnir drew some months before. "What happens if she goes face-down?" The answer: it depends. If the destruction-prevention effect is activated and Book of Moon (or some other effect like that) is chained, Wickedwitch's effect will resolve while she's face-down, and will be protected from destruction.

But! If Wickedwitch's effect resolves and Book of Moon resolves after that, Wickedwitch loses the protection. Going face-down resets almost everything about the monster and that includes already-resolved effects.

Kaiju Capture Mission's "draw 2" effect doesn't require any Kaijus at all. You could technically splash it in any deck and hope your opponent hits it with a blind Mystical Space Typhoon and get two free cards out of it.

Yugi's Legendary Decks
There are a number of PSCT reprints and a few new cards across the three decks in this special release.

First, Dark Magician of Chaos has a retooled effect in the same line as Ring of Destruction, Crush Card Virus, Temple of the Kings and Exchange of the Spirit. The powerful Spellcaster now gets you a spell from your graveyard in the End Phase instead of at its point of Summon, and the destroy-by-battle-banish effect is now an activated effect. While I'm usually not in the business of predicting Forbidden & Limited list changes, it seems fair to think Dark Magician of Chaos will come off the Forbidden List sooner rather than later.

Monster Recovery gets its first PSCT reprint, and… oh boy. If that's how the card was supposed to be played, the old text didn't even come close to saying that.

Magical Hats now says to Special Summon the cards you pick from the deck. It's how we've been playing it, but now it's actually written on the card.

#####CARDID= 11212 #####

Double Spell… Double Spell… just… I don't even know. It gets another text revision, and this one just… I don't know.

The card now says that the opponent's Spell that you want to copy gets placed in your appropriate zone and it resolves as Double Spell's resolution. This means a whole bunch of things.

- For anything that isn't a Field Spell, it means you need to have another empty Spell and Trap Zone to place the Spell into.

- Field Spells would just go into the Field Zone.

- You can't activate Pendulums because those are monsters in the graveyard.

I think there used to be an old-as-dirt ruling on Card of Sanctity saying that you needed to banish one card from the field or hand to activate it. The newest text now throws that out the window; you now need to banish at least one card from the field and one from the hand to activate Card of Sanctity.

And finally! I think I made a joke about how not all cards needed PSCT and I think I used Emblem of Dragon Destroyer as my example. Well, it's been reprinted in Yugi's Legendary Decks because as it turns out, Yugi used it at some point. So now Emblem of Dragon Destroyer has PSCT, and surprise surprise, there's no change in actual text.

If you have any questions about any of the new recent cards, card interactions, tournament policy or game mechanics, send me an e-mail (one question per e-mail please!) to askjudgejoe@gmail.com and your question could be answered in a future edition of Court of Appeals!

-Joe Frankino

Joe is a Yu-Gi-Oh! judge and player from Long Island, New York. At a recent Regional Qualifier, Joe played against a Kozmo deck and could've Xyz Summoned Stellarknight Delteros on turn 1 but didn't because overextending is "bad". He ended with a Satellarknight Deneb with a face-down Satellarknight Skybridge and Stellarnova Alpha. But then he didn't get to see his second turn because his opponent opened Dark Hole, two Emergency Teleports and a Kozmo Farmgirl.