Today I'm going to show you how to play a Blue-Red Artificers deck that Chris Fennell and I built and nearly played at Pro Tour Ixalan. We both got off the deck the day before the Pro Tour, but it was our frontrunner for the last week of testing. It's about as competitive as a rogue deck can get in current Standard, so if you're looking for something unique but still competitive, this is a good choice.

We determined that flying was good against the Energy decks, so we tried out various shells for Favorable Winds. Maverick Thopterist seemed like a great card with Favorable Winds, so we tried out a "Jeskai Skies" deck. Favorable Winds didn't quite work out, but we liked Maverick Thopterist, so we tried out tribal Artificers with Artificer's Goggles and the newly printed Uncharted Territory. To our surprise, we went 5-0 in the very first league we played the deck in. Then for the second league we added a pair of Aether Hubs to the main, replaced the four copies of Bomat Courier with Merchant's Dockhand, and added a Saheeli Rai to the sideboard (in place of a Negate) to try it out as well as replacing Crook of Condemnation in the sideboard with Sentinel Totem. We went 4-1 in the second league. Here is the list we played:

In the first league we beat Abzan Tokens, Sultai Energy, and three Mardu Vehicles decks. In the second league we beat Black-Red Aggro, Ramunap Red, Mardu Vehicles, and White-Blue Approach while losing a match to Approach. A record of 9-1 in our first two leagues with the deck was pretty good! I chose to make videos of five of these 10 matches in order to show you the deck in action against five different popular archetypes.

The Sideboard

Glorybringer is a great main deck card that gets worse in post-board games when people bring in Chandra's Defeat or Authority of the Consuls. The rest of the sideboard plans should be fairly straightforward.

Against Ramunap Red and other aggro decks

+4 Magma Spray
+3 Abrade

-2 Heart of Kiran
-2 Freejam Regent
-2 Glorybringer
-1 Bomat Courier

Against Temur Energy and other midrange decks

+3 Abrade
+2 Magma Spray

-3 Walking Ballista (except vs Sultai)
-3 Bomat Courier (vs Sultai)
-2 Glorybringer

Against Control decks (including Tokens)

+1 Heart of Kiran
+4 Negate (or +3 Negate, +1 Saheeli Rai in the second version)
+1 Spell Pierce

-1 Abrade
-4 Glorybringer
-1 Walking Ballista

Against God-Pharaoh's Gift

+2 Crook of Condemnation
+1 Heart of Kiran
+4 Negate
+1 Spell Pierce
+3 Abrade

-4 Glorybringer
-4 Bomat Courier
-1 Aether Chaser
-2 Maverick Thopterist

Give the deck a try and let me know how it goes in the comments. Also if you have any questions or suggestions for the deck, ask away in the comments.

Craig Wescoe