U/R Phoenix is still a really powerful deck. This is an archetype that is very capable of preying on aggressive decks because of all the cheap removal and card advantage. Against the control decks you transform a bit after sideboard, and are able to take out some useless spot removal. Goblin Electromancer is a key creature that fuels out your Arclight Phoenixes as quickly as possible. The fact that LSV made Top 4 of the previous Mythic Championship with the strategy shouldn't come as a surprise. This is the list I have been running:

The creature base is super straightforward. Four copies of all your best and most important creatures makes a ton of sense. I understand there are other options like Pteramander and Enigma Drake, but there isn't really room for them once you decide to be a dedicated Arclight Phoenix deck. Arclight Phoenix can be absolutely insane, and the gameplan involves finding them early in the game to fully abuse them.

With all the cantrips you go through a huge portion of your deck in many of the games, so even with only four of each Arclight Phoenix and Crackling Drake you are likely to find enough threats. Jump start also means it's possible to get rid of some of your bad cards in a matchup, which is pretty nice. Also, having a high density of spells is key for Phoenix recursion, and Radical Idea essentially counts as two spells. As we saw in this set of games the most broken draws generally involve a turn two Goblin Electromancer curved into bringing back an Arclight Phoenix next turn.

The deck felt quite strong during the gameplay, though it can be difficult to pilot. There are lots of decisions each turn, and I made one silly mistake that cost me a game. This is a deck to keep an eye on. The Mono-Blue matchup felt really good from the Phoenix side. Honestly the only card we ran into that seemed like a major issue were the Cindervines out of the Red Aggro decks. I'm actually surprised that Phoenix isn't seeing more play, though part of the reason may be there are players who prefer the Drakes deck without Arclight Phoenix in it.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield