Oh yes, Bogles is more than just another Modern deck – it is really strong in the current metagame. In fact, I decided to bring it to Grand Prix Hartford last weekend; many others made the same choice and it was the only archetype that put multiple copies into the Top 8. With the format seemingly revolving around creature decks like Humans, Hollow One and Affinity, Bogles becomes a great choice. It turns out many decks have difficulty interacting with huge lifelink hexproof creature. I ended up losing my last two matches in Hartford to end with a bread and butter 11-4 finish, but I do really like my list.

This is a deck that is pretty easy to win with, and also very frustrating to play against. Modern has evolved into a format where it is quite difficult to profitably interact with your opponent. Most of the card choices here are pretty typical. The idea is to play all of the best auras in the format, with a few flex slots, which is where the one-ofs come in. The creatures similarly have pretty much never changed. Some players have tried Silhana Ledgewalker as another hexproof creature, but it is much worse than a one-mana hexproof threat.

My main change is the split on Leylines, and going up to four copies of Gaddock Teeg, I have been very happy with those numbers. Leyline of Sanctity is a very weird card, but it is hard to evaluate in your opening hand without knowing what the matchup is. We actually played three matchups here where Leyline of Sanctity wasn't very good, so I was boarding them out, but I still like having some in the main deck.

Hollow One and Dredge are both great matchups for Bogles. We are playing a deck that can lose to itself due to a hand not coming together, but your good draws are going to be very hard for those decks to handle. These decks don't have super-fast kills and are trying to attack you with creatures, while having very little interaction with your gameplan. After sideboard most decks have access to a bit more, whether it be ways to destroy enchantments or edict effects, but they can't keep up in game one.

Bogles has to mulligan pretty aggressively, and many of the hands are tough to evaluate. It is almost a combo deck, in that sense. We saw how it is possible to drop games in good matchups because of difficult mulligan decisions. The Amulet matchup is tough because they have the potential for a fast kill – Bogles isn't a deck that really wants to goldfish against fast combo decks, but it can in a pinch.

We saw that it is very possibly to beat a deck like Amulet Titan, but you do have to hope their draw isn't super explosive. Bogles is a deck that I expect to continue to do well unless the metagame shifts again. There are matchups like Living End and Infect that are really tough, but those decks happen to be on the decline right now. With so many archetypes, Modern is in a spot where it's a good idea to play the metagame, and Bogles is a good choice against almost all the top decks right now. It even has a good matchup against the Ironworks deck that won the Grand Prix.

Thanks for reading,
Seth Manfield