Pikachu & Zekrom has been a solid mainstay for competitive Pokemon over the last few months, but Decidueye and Obstagoon have both been aiming to unseat this deck due to their near-invulnerability against Tag-Team, GX, and other Basic Pokemon. To combat these two, Lightning decks are in dire need of a good card that can dish out enough damage to take out Decidueye and Obstagoon before they can take you out of the game entirely! In today's video, Ptcgradio hasn't just found a good card for the deck. - he's found THE good boy Pokemon: Boltund! Check out the video below to see how Ross has come around on this Pokemon that can solve all of your 'Decigoon' problems!

When the competitive Pokemon scene is full of 'tech' Pokemon to throw you off your strategy, sometimes you all need is a quick 160 damage attacker. Boltund won't save you against the stronger Team-Ups or Vmax Pokemon, but he works perfectly as a way to snipe the particularly troublesome cards. If you're playing Pikarom, it might be time to give this Lightning doggy some treats and a sleeve; he might just save a game or two!