Fires of Invention offers to double or even triple your mana every turn, but building around it presents an interesting challenge. If you include too many five or six-drops, your hands will suffer and your opponent can roll over you before you get your Fires burning. But if you don't maximize your Fires payoff, there's no point to running a four-mana enchantment that does nothing when it enters the battlefield.

One solution is to include plenty of low-mana spells that act as mana sinks later in the game. That way you can blunt your opponent's early aggression and set up explosive turns like five-drop, five-drop spend-five-mana.

Enter Bishop of Wings and Dawn of Hope. Bishop of Wings blocks, gains life and generates more blockers to prolong the game so Fires of Invention can take over. That life gain synergizes perfectly with Dawn of Hope, which sucks up all the mana you don't need to cast your spells, and turns it into fresh cards you can cast for free.

Top it off with some big Angels and you're ready to soar your way to victory.

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