Earlier this week, Corbin made a video set with Red-Green Dinosaurs. Today I am exploring what white has to offer the Dinosaur tribe.

Boros Dinosaurs is the fastest variant of the Dinosaur tribe. It is the only color combination that can reasonably support Kinjalli's Caller, the lone one-drop accelerant in Standard. Boros has two really exciting three-drop payoff cards that combine nicely with the Caller, namely Rampaging Ferocidon and Kinjalli's Sunwing. Each of these creatures is hard to block and has a relevant ability that will often result in the opponent's life total dwindling at an abnormally fast rate.

Imperial Aerosaur and Charging Monstrosaur are Limited all-stars that may not transition over to Standard as well as cards like Ripjaw Raptor and Regisaur Alpha, but without green they are the next best cards for the job. A big payoff to running both Kinjalli's Caller and Otepec Huntmaster is that you can slam Burning Suns' Avatar as early as the fourth turn. Searing Blaze attached to a 6/6 body that can be given haste provides an enormous life swing. Have you ever gotten your creature killed while taking nine damage to the face and then having to deal with a 6/6? How about on the fourth turn? It's not pretty.

If you want to take your foot off the gas pedal just a little bit, you can upgrade the four-drops and five-drops to a bit higher quality cards as well as gaining access to Savage Stomp.

Ripjaw Rapter is a reasonable card and definitely an upgrade to Imperial Aerosaur, but the real two advantages to adding green are Savage Stomp and Regisaur Alpha. Savage Stomp is essentially a one-mana sorcery that pumps your creature and kills any other creature since Dinosaurs are basically the biggest creatures around. Regisaur Alpha actually gets better in multiples too since the second copy gains haste from the first copy, making it able to attack alongside the token it brought with it the turn it is cast. This is one of the ways to make up for the loss of Kinjalli's Caller as a one-drop accelerant. You can't really make the mana work out such that you can reliably cast the Caller on the first turn in a Naya mana base.


Carnage Tyrant and Gishath, Sun's Avatar are the other bonuses for being able to play green. I'm actually not even sure whether Carnage Tyrant or Burning Sun's Avatar is the better six-drop – It's very matchup dependent. If they have countermagic and targeted removal (or lots of chump blockers), then the Carnage Tyrant is better. If they have creatures with toughness three or less, then generally the Burning Sun's Avatar will be better. Since our mana can support both we went with a split, but you should make a decision based on your local metagame whether to go heavier in one direction or the other.

I would consider adding Sweltering Suns to the sideboard of at least the Naya version and perhaps both since that is a good way to wipe the board against the energy decks, whether Sultai or Temur. It also has some applications on the draw against Vampires, Ramunap Red and the mirror. The other card I would consider for the sideboard is Gideon's Intervention. It seems like an important answer to Approach of the Second Sun. I might also move Chandra, Torch of Defiance to the main deck of the Boros version. Other than these changes, I would recommend either of these lists for this weekend. I personally prefer the Boros version, but only because I'm willing to give up a bit of power level for the sake of tempo.

Craig Wescoe