I'm sure you've heard by now, but they've made some big changes to Brawl. Baral is banned – finally – and they've lowered the starting life totals to 20. More than that, they've decoupled the Brawl banned list from the Standard banned list, which means a whole host of cards previously unavailable to us are now playable.

It took Wizards a few weeks to implement the changes online, but now that they have. Brawl is back. And with so many new cards available to brew with, you knew what was coming.

Copy Cat combo is here – along with the entire Energy package that was banned out of Standard for being oppressive. We all know just how broken of a card Attune with Aether was, and now we get to play it in Brawl! Oh, also that small card known as Aetherworks Marvel is legal, too.

This is by no means the strongest Brawl deck I've ever played – it's almost entirely a brew around the banned cards, but the power level of some of them is undeniable. Energy is certainly quite a bit worse in a format without four-ofs, but this deck has plenty of cards that still make the mechanic worth it – and one of my favorite parts is playing cards like Empyreal Voyager that never saw the light of day in Standard but can be powerhouses here.

This deck is full of combo. From the forgotten Standard combo of Electrostatic Pummeler and pump spells like Invigorated Rampage to good old Copy Cat to near-infinite attack steps with Lightning Runner, the deck has a ton of play between all the cards, which is really saying something for a deck that has to balance energy along with mana fixing to play all five colors.

Things don't always come together for this deck – after all, playing five colors in a singleton format will do that to you – but this was a really fun walk back through all the cards we didn't get to play in Standard for long. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler