Finally, an alliteration that is easy to make! If you can't tell by Mining Modern, Probing Pauper, Solving Standard (my personal favorite suggestion was "Spelunking Standard"), Ascertaining Arena (okay, that one doesn't exist… yet). Anyway, I'm a sucker for alliteration, so Breaking Brawl it is.

And there's nothing more fun to do in Brawl than play Tatyova TurboLand. It's even a Merfolk! Make a bunch of lands drops, gain a bunch of life, draw a bunch of cards… it's everything Simic ever wanted to be, and Brawl is the perfect format for it.

I know, I know – you thought I was going to play Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca. But this time I surprised you with a different Merfolk! All joking aside, Tatyova, Benthic Druid is actually an incredible commander for this format – getting a bunch of value out of land drops is some of the most fun Magic you can play, and blue-green "Turboland" decks have been an archetype for years, both sometimes in Standard as well as perennially in Commander formats everywhere.

Here, Tatyova does everything you'd want. It both stabilizes your life total – even if slowly – against the aggressive decks, something you have more time to do in a format where you begin with 30 life, and it keeps the gas coming just for making the land drops you wanted to make anyway. If you wait a turn to deploy it, you can get value immediately Tireless Tracker style by playing a land before your opponent can even target your commander. With several one-mana options to protect it like Blossoming Defense and Siren Stormtamer, it's also surprisingly easy to set up boardstates where you're almost guaranteed to untap with it.

And once you do untap with it, things get downright silly. Wayward Swordtooth lets you chain together multiple land drops, ramp spells like Spring // Mind and Grow from the Ashes get nutty, and even lowly Evolving Wilds becomes "gain two life and draw two cards," which is probably the best Evolving Wilds has ever been in its existence.

I'm not sure if Brawl is here to stay as a format, but I do know that it's been a ton of fun to brew for, and I've seen a lot of people locally excited about it as well – plus it seems like the perfect casual format for MTG Arena, which with its flashy graphics and ease of play is the perfect home for a format like this.

Now, if they'll just go ahead and ban Baral, Chief of Compliance all will be well.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler