TOYS! SO MANY NEW TOYS TO PLAY WITH! And they're all mine...

I don't mind sharing some of my ideas though. Magic Origins did not disappoint. This set has so many build around me cards and so many sweet cards. It's Christmas in July boys and girls and Wizards was generous.

The first card I wanted to try and play was Molten Vortex. Now I Despise the card Sulfuric Vortex but Molten Vortex is all together a different type of card. It encourages you to play a lot of lands in your deck and it rewards you for drawing those extra lands. This is a rough sketch of where I'd probably start with the card.


Now just a heads up: all these decks I post in this article won't have sideboards since I don't really know what the meta will be like and I'm not even sure what the deck's bad matchups are to even construct a sideboard for. Also all these lists are untested at the moment. I'm telling you this because I don't want you to go and get the whole deck and then be disappointed if it doesn't work. However what I'm providing you is a skeleton of a potential archetype that you can mold to your needs. Swap one, two, or twenty cards out to get a list you like.

So onto the deck. This deck packs a bunch of lands and tries to get a lot into play and in your hand. Your two main win conditions are Molten Vortex and Zendikar's Roil. You have other ways to deal some damage with Hammer of Purphoros, Courser of Kruphix, and a flipped Nissa. I'm not sure how good or bad Aggressive Mining and/or The Great Aurora will be. That's why I only have a copy of each, to just try and test both of them out and see how they perform. The deck may want another finisher in the form of Ugin or some other fatty card, only time and testing it will tell.

This deck seems awesome but the card I am most hyped for is Starfield of Nyx. A card that is a win condition and card advantage all in one, it even has sweet art to boot! Where can I sign up? Let's start with the simplest of lists.


Starfield of Nyx is a very powerful card and one I believe will be good. At least while Theros block is in the format. We have access to a ton of different enchantments and can probably find one for whatever need we have. Herald of the Pantheon is very powerful in this deck acting as a one sided Helm of Awakening all the while gaining you life. Alongside Courser of Kruphix it's going to be hard for any deck to kill you with damage, especially if you have them both out for a couple of turns or beside a Nyx-Fleece Ram. The deck has Sylvan Caryatid, Herald of the Pantheon, and Font of Fertility as early ramp spells. With Font being a cantrip later on if you have an Eidolon of Blossoms out. Font and Karametra, God of Harvests also trigger Zendikar's Roil. Providing you with lands and 2/2 Elementals. Later in the game we can dump our extra mana into Heliod, God of the Sun for a small army of 2/1s with vigilance. It's also good to keep in mind that Heliod makes enchantment tokens that will trigger Eidolon of Blossoms. Only downside to that is it's a nonbo with Starfield of Nyx if you have five or more enchantments out, since Starfield will turn your 2/1s into 0/0s because they have no converted mana cost. If Zendikar's Roil and Starfield of Nyx isn't enough reach, you can eventually flood the board with 4/4 Angel Tokens thanks to Sigil of the Empty Throne.

Starfield of Nyx is also very powerful with all the Font cards in Standard. Font of Ire however will just kill your opponent eventually. Which leads me to a slightly different build of the deck.


Usually when a new sets come out aggro decks are king because everyone is trying out new things and they are just very linear and always attack the decks they're playing against in the same way. Well this one tries to stop those decks cold by not allowing your opponents to attack while also gaining you life. Then you can finish off your opponents with a Starfield of Nyx and a Font of Ire. This deck really wants Sphere of Safety but unfortunately we don't have access to a card like that at the moment. I just really wanted to showcase Starfield of Nyx with Font of Ire in a different type of strategy and this is what I came up with. Honestly wish I could replace the Circle of Flames with a Ghostly Prison type of effect though. Oh well, gotta work with what you've got!

Speaking of Starfield and Fonts let's look at another list. This one utilizing Font of Fortunes!


So blue gives us access to Font of Fortunes and Monastery Siege. Font of Fortunes is a decent card on its own and so is Monastery Siege. But when they are paired with Starfield of Nyx they can really do a lot of work. Monastery Siege can fuel your Starfield of Nyx by putting enchantments in your graveyard and drawing you cards. Monastery Siege can also protect you and your enchantments a bit if you choose the "dragons" mode on the card, forcing your opponent to pay two more mana for spells that target your permanents or you. This not only applies to traditional removal spells but also Dromoka's Command, which is going to be very annoying for this deck. Luckily we Overload that card since we have so many enchantments.

One last constellation deck I want to talk about is a possible control variant.


Basically this is like any traditional UW Control deck except it has a bit more reach with Starfield. Starfield allows you to draw a bunch more cards or gain more life depending on what you need and if you have the Fonts in your graveyard. It can even dig back up a win condition or removal spell in the form of Sigil of the Empty Throne and Banishing Light. Monastery Siege fuels Dig Through Time and allows you to discard big enchantments early on to get back with Starfield of Nyx later in the game. Side note on Clash of Wills: the card is worse than Syncopate, but it is still an okay card for standard. Having a turn two unconditional Counterspell is huge for control decks and you can expect to see it get played. While not exciting, it gets the job done.

Alright enough Starfield of Nyx decks. The last deck I want to talk about is a sweet one and one I think has potential in Standard. Sphinx's Tutelage is a sweet card!


A turbo mill deck! And I actually believe it can contend in the new format. Let's break down the deck.

Sphinx's Tutelage: The main way to mill your opponent and the more you have the faster they will lose. Very late in the game you can just pay six mana to loot and at least mill your opponent two cards.

Monastery Siege: An enchantment that allows you to draw more cards so more triggers for Sphinx's Tutelage. You can also set the mode to dragons if you're playing against a burn heavy deck to slow them down a lot. Since creatures shouldn't be too much of a problem for this deck.

Dictate of Kruphix: This is our Howling Mine with flash. Another way to get more triggers from Sphinx's Tutelage and ensure we keep drawing Fogs effects.

Negate: This can be Dissolve or Clash of Wills but I feel like noncreature spells will be the hardest for us, not creatures. So that's why I've opted for a full playset of Negates.

Treasure Cruise: I feel like the deck wants quantity over quality because of Monastery Siege and the deck being pretty linear in its strategy. Of course I could be wrong and Dig Through Time may be the way to go.

Alhammarret's Archive: This card will be a huge catalyst for the deck. Having this out with a Tutelage is just insane. You can draw so many cards with your enchantments. Monastery Siege starts to net you a card every turn. Day's Undoing draws you 14 cards and if you have Tutelage out...that's a lotta milling!

Day's Undoing: More of a combo piece with Tutelage. You can also pull the trigger early to just refill your hand to get more Fogs or to play out some more enchantments. This card will just allow you to setup your board easier and not worry too much about Fogs being card disadvantage.

Orbs of Warding: Keeps burn spells at bay along with Dromoka's Command. Doesn't hurt that you can't get Thoughtseized and it shuts down Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. It also acts like a pseudo Urza's Armor which isn't irrelevant.

Winds of Qal Sisma: Just a Fog. Sadly we don't just have Fog.

Defend the Hearth: See above.

AEtherspouts: Acts not only as a Fog, but also a Hallowed Burial. This card can easily catch your opponent's off guard.

I'm excited to try this deck out and see what it can do. We can also pretty easily splash a third color if need be.

I've talked about some pretty sweet cards but I feel like I'm missing on so many more. Priest of the Blood Rite, Gilt-Leaf Winnower, Tormented Thoughts, Despoiler of Souls, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy (works very well with Ojutai's Command), Liliana, Heretical Healer, Undead Servant, and Pyromancer's Googles to name a few. So tune in next time as I brew up some more decks for the new Standard.

Hope you're excited as I am!

Until then,