Bad kitty! Stop breaking formats!!

WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! Put Vintage down!!


I honestly don't know what happened. We adopted lurrus of the dream-den awhile ago but never expected this. At first it was cute, knocking over a vase or two. Now it's bringing Black Lotuses back from the graveyard and oh god it keeps pooping in my slippers!

Do you want to deal tons of damage via dies triggers? Would you like to lose all your friends due to lurrus of the dream-den' needless hate? Then this deck is for you. While lurrus of the dream-den is more Nightmare than Cat, it does create a fancy feast of a deck that will make up for its less than favorable feline fallibilities. Is this deck fur real? Paws-ibly.




The Must-Includes

These cards are the cat's pajamas! I find them to be purr-ty great! Paw-some even!

All cat puns aside, these three cards really stand out as being must-includes in this touchy tabby's deck. Soul Snare is truly a cut above the rest! This enchantment is a one-mana exile that keeps on coming back! Being able to recast this with Lurrus is truly the cat's meow! Our second must-include is Sinister Concoction. This card acts as a destruction spell as well as a way to feed lurrus of the dream-den' ability through discard and self-mill. Like Soul Snare, this card can be cast time and time again which can decimate your opponent's battlefield like lurrus of the dream-den does to catnip. Lastly, we have dusk. This is a two in-one spell that can practically leave your board untouched while decimating your opponent's. While dusk is a good board wipe, it's dusk that shines the brightest. The aftermath allows you to return most of your creatures to your hand. While lurrus of the dream-den only allows you to cast one from your graveyard each turn, dusk bounces all viable targets back to your hand all at once. Not bad.

The Latecomers

These two cards were both recommended by chat towards the end of the stream, and to be honest I'm quite thankful for it. Card draw can be pretty hard to obtain in black and Dark Deal is insanely helpful for that. This black wheel of fortune not only hurts your opponents and gains you a new hand! It also helps you chuck creatures into your graveyard which can be cast from the graveyard by lurrus of the dream-den. Card draw plus a graveyard engine? That's purr-fect!

Next is Kaya's Ghostform! This enchantment is the perfect thorn in your opponent's side. As the deck progressed, chat realized we had little protection in the deck. Enter Kaya's Ghostform. This card is best utilized by attaching it to lurrus of the dream-den. Once death is looming over our fur-midible feline, lurrus of the dream-den disappears like a cat who's just been told they're going to the vet. If this card just so happens to hit our graveyard, lurrus of the dream-den' ability allows us to cast it once more. Just goes to show that the life of the party doesn't always have to arrive on time!

The Cuts


When brewing lurrus of the dream-den, many cards and ideas were thrown into the ring. However there will always be cuts made when deckbuilding, and there were quite a few that lurrus of the dream-den dragged to the litter box. At first, I recommended Hushbringer to complement and further our hatebear subtheme. Later on as the deck progressed chat pointed out to me that Hushbringer essentially shut down my entire deck. This is one of the huge plus sides to brewing with multiple people: they catch things you normally wouldn't.



Did you know that Teysa Karlov is a cat person? I sure as heck didn't. Maybe if we got some good lore back we'd know. I jest, I jest! But for realsies if teysa karlov had a cat it would definitely be lurrus of the dream-den. These two are a match made in heaven. teysa karlov doubles your death triggers which is incredibly spicy in an aristocrat-themed deck. Shocking your opponents every time a creature you control dies is downright cat-astrophic. Couple that with the fact that lurrus of the dream-den has access to 41 of your 57 nonland permanents and your opponents will ugly cry!. Imagine teysa karlov chilling out in her living room and lurrus of the dream-den saunters in with a dead aristocrat in its mouth, dropping it to the floor with a thud. It twitches. IT'S STILL ALIVE!

The Secret Spice

The secret spice to this deck is what truly sets it apart from other aristocrat decks. Most aristocrat decks tend to focus on death triggers alone. Cards like Blood Artist and Cruel Celebrant start out as annoying but can become overwhelming later on. Your opponents will be so focused on this that they won't even notice the big diarrhea dookie lurrus of the dream-den took in their slippers. The dookie in question? Hate-bears.

If you thought lurrus of the dream-den was infuriating, then wait until you see Grand Abolisher, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, and Leonin Arbiter. Cards like these spike the blood pressure in all your opponents once they enter the battlefield. Drannith Magistrate makes it impossible to cast cards on an adventure, companions, and more importantly, commanders. Grand Abolisher makes it impossible for your spells to be countered, and Leonin Arbiter is downright annoying. If your hate-bears do manage to be destroyed, fret not! lurrus of the dream-den can cast all but one of them (thalia, heretic cathar) from your graveyard. Recurring hate-bears whilst dealing tons of aristocrat damage? This deck is truly a call to eat the rich indeed.

The Flavor Win


Desecrated Tomb is just one of those cards that you adore but can't quite put your finger on why. Its release in M19 intrigued me and for many months I had been eyeing the promo in my LGS' card case. However, I was unsure how to put it to good use. In the middle of the stream, I had a true galaxy brain moment and shouted "RACHEL!!!' on the top of my lungs. If it wasn't for her recent twitter post about wanting to find a use for it, I would have completely forgotten about it. Desecrated Tomb was truly made for lurrus of the dream-den. This artifact allows you to create a 1/1 Bat creature token whenever one or more cards leave your graveyard. lurrus of the dream-den literally pulls things back from your graveyard so that you may cast it. Its maw enters the tomb of dead and discarded cards, disturbing the bats who guard their everlasting slumber. This card is so flavorful! This coupled with lurrus of the dream-den' ability gives this card both weight in meaning and in functionality.

The Too Good Not to Play


I have to thank Wedge for this card. As he so eloquently said during the stream, "this card was MADE for lurrus of the dream-den." Boy oh boy is he right. Return to the Ranks is a card that destined to see play alongside lurrus of the dream-den. This sorcery allows you to open the gates of your graveyard, returning X creatures with converted mana cost two or less. It can help summon blockers when needed as well as provide fodder for your sacrifice outlet.

Regardless of your intention, Return to the Ranks has 20 possible targets in this deck, though you don't need to make X 20 in order for this spell to be a smashing success. Claw-ver, isn't it?

The Most Likely to Get Cut


I know for a fact that chat will chastise me for this but after looking at the decklist for a while I feel that Dead Man's Chest would be the card to be cut. Chat truly adored this card and I can see why. Dead Man's Chest is a wonderful card that allows you to steal cards from your opponents' decks. While this does fit with our hateful sub-theme, it doesn't necessarily fit the theme of the overall deck.

Parting Thoughts

My only regret with this deck is that I didn't name it The Aristocats.

I'm 100% serious.