After years of patience, there are finally enough Ninjas in Magic to make a dedicated tribal Commander deck! Modern Horizons gave us Fallen Shinobi, Mist-Syndicate Naga and Ingenious Infiltrator—plus a few highly useful changelings including Graveshifter and Changeling Outcast. Holding this dojo together is Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow.

Yuriko acts like Coastal Piracy for all your Ninjas, with an extra upside. As long as you can connect with one of your opponents, Yuriko's triggers will damage the entire table, potentially winning you the game in a single alpha strike. Of course your opponents will target her with removal, but that's no problem. With commander ninjutsu, you can sneak Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow out every turn while ignoring commander tax.

Jumbo Commander

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